Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Absentee Blogger

That's me. I've been not here for quite a while. I want to be better - I really do.

Looks like the last time I was here was late June. 

WELL - here's the low-down on the last two months.

  • had a four day weekend for the fourth of July which was amazing

  • went to CT for four days for Paul's best friend's wedding - not so much fun for me - but I made it through with a gold-star-worthy attitude

  • went to Olde Ipswich Days with Chuck & Hannah

  • went to the Gloucester Sidewalk Festival with Chuck, Hannah & Hubby

  • I've been knitting like crazy.  Lots of stuff for baby Moxie - and of course I've given most of it away without taking pictures of it first.  Luckily the Barts live two minutes from our house so it's pretty likely I'll see all this cute stuff again.  I feel like I'm riding a creative/productive high with my knitting and it feels really good.  I feel like I'm anxious for the end of the work day to come not just so I can get out of this darn cubicle, but because I have something to look forward to.

  • I bought a vacuum.  We have a large rug in the livingroom that the Roomba just can't handle.  Or, rather, I can't handle cleaning the brushes & lint trap out every five minutes on it.  I love my new vacuum.

  • Hannah continues to grow larger and larger and baby Moxie could come anyday.  I've really been loving spending time with Hannah & Chuck and seeing them go through this pregnancy thing.  Although Hannah is filling me in on some of the not-so-great details of being pregnant and I'm a little peeved at the world for glossing over this stuff most of the time.

  • I took an almost four week hiatus from WW - which was mostly just due to laziness and excuses.  BUT - I didn't really go crazy and eat poorly all the time.  I just failed to count points and sometimes splurged on things I wouldn't have otherwise.  At the end of the month I had gained 1.4 pounds.  Which could have been WAY worse.  I was actually proud of myself.  The next week back on I lost 2.8 which made up for the gain pretty quickly.  And the following week I was down another 1.4.  My total loss now is at 47.4 pounds.  I can almost see 50.  This week I've been slacking on counting points again - but I'm sticking to plan in my head.

  • I just signed up for the new WW monthly pass program which I'm totally stoked about.  $40/month includes going to meetings & eTools.  Before I was paying $13/meeting and $13/month for eTools, totalling $65/month.  I'm saving money this way!  Hurrah!

  • Paul's been working a lot on top of regular work.  Consulting here, doing a website for a church there.  Usually at least one day a weekend he's out of the house working somewhere.  A few weeks ago I drove with him to Concord, MA where he had a meeting and I found a yarn shop where the lady who was working there was a total witch.  I won't go into detail but she said rude things about other customers to me after they had left which was a total turn off.  And her yarn was overpriced, and she was trying to sell it like a smarmy used car salesman.  Yuck.

  • Last Saturday Hannah called me up and said "I have to go to a yarn shop in Hamilton, wanna come?" And I said "Heck Yes!"  I got a few skeins of the new Berroco Ultra Alpaca.  It is SO lovely.  50% wool, 50% alpaca - very soft, lovely drape - over 200 yards for just about $8.  Bargain!  AND I got some Cherry Tree Hill Possum Worsted that was in a bargain bin.  6 skeins of an oatmeal color, 6 skeins of a really nice purple.  Each skein was $2, rather than the original $9.  And it's 30% Possum!!  How weird is that?

ANYWAY - that's the update.  And I suppose those are the important things because that's all I can remember.

I'm hoping autumn is on the way - the temps have been lower this week and I'm loving it.

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