Friday, September 1, 2006


the friday before a long weekend is always a slow one.  as the seconds last longer and longer the cubicle feels more and more like a cage.

i'm VERY excited to have three days off.  here are the plans:

FRIDAY NIGHT: vacuum.  knit.  have a beer.

that's just about the extent of it so far.  i expect to have lots of good knitting time.  many projects to get to - many for chuck & hannah. 

i will likely have to get to AC Moore at least once - i'm going to need more yarn for the baby projects.  and i'm considering spending an afternoon dying yarns with Wilton Icing Dyes.  I just read a whole tutorial about this online and it looks like fun.  I can get the icing dye at AC Moore.

going to AC Moore will be good because it will be an excuse to get to Starbucks at least once over the weekend - this is a must for hub. 

other than these (very loose) plans we'll probably hang out with chuck & hannah at least once.  and maybe do some laundry.  i LOVE long weekends.

right now i'm eating baked lays and drinking diet coke - and am hoping that the next hour and fifteen minutes will go by quickly.  or maybe that hubby will be up for leaving early.  that's not as likely as the quickly part.  :) 

happy almost labor day!

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