Tuesday, September 19, 2006

pros and cons

+ Carole King, Tapestry - makes me happy every time
+ hubby telling me this morning that he thinks my grey hairs are pretty
+ Real Simple organization products at Target - i'm 100% in love
+ my voicemail light isn't blinking
+ coming home from Target yesterday my whole car smelled laundry fresh because of the Method dryer sheets i bought
+ is it possible that i'm looking forward to doing laundry tonight?  new detergent, new bucket of oxyclean, a great big bottle of bleach for the whites, and new dryer sheets
+ knitting.  i love it.  i want to do it all the time.  working on a basic baby crew sweater right now.  cotton so it's washable.  i think about knitting stuff with alpaca and wool for babies & kids and then have to remind myself, harshly, that handwashing isn't fun for parents.  right?  but it's so soft & pretty! 
+ hubby made mac & cheese last night.  and borrowed two movies from C & H that i've been itching to watch - Drop Dead Gorgeous (makes me laugh SOOO hard) & Best in Show
+ maybe we'll see baby Penelope tonight.  i bought them some baby towels at Target - i have to drop them off
+ anniversary card from my mom & dad last night with $20 in it.  and Hannah telling me she got a card from my mom & dad yesterday with $20 in it.  very cute.  (must remember to write thank you card!)
+ seeing on my boss's calendar that she's out tomorrow.  love that.

- being at work
- three or four very bright pink pimples on my face - it's all my fault though because i've been eating poorly

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