Friday, September 15, 2006

update via random thoughts list

  1. i wish i wasn't here (cubicle at work)

  2. the green iced tea i just made tastes more green than i thought it would

  3. i love fridays

  4. i love pay days

  5. i love friday pay days

  6. i'm leaving work early - 2:30 - just because i want to

  7. this means i have only 5 hours left - one of which is lunch hour

  8. at lunch i'm going to Casa de Moda on Cabot St. to try to find something small for Hannah for her birthday

  9. her big present is going to be a sweater - but i haven't gotten the yarn yet

  10. tonight we're hanging out with Bry, Nat, Aaron & Mariah.  pizza & beer.  can't wait.

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