Sunday, October 29, 2006

five-minute weekend review

Friday Night:
-had follow up with eye doctor to get contact lens prescription. in & out. was fine.
-went to Chuck & Hannah's house to help clean up in prep for their costume party/open house on saturday. my major jobs: holding penelope & dusting. good times.

Saturday Morning:

-hurricane-like weather outside. pouring rain and serious winds. i love a good rainy day.
-went to Chuck & Hannah's around noon to continue helping prepare for the 2:00 party.
-our costumes: me as hermione. i wore my graduation gown and a gryffindor scarf & hat i got at the party store. hub as arthur dent. he wore pajamas and a bathrobe and carried a towel.
-had a good time at the party. made a couple new friends. had good time with old friends. paul made his yummmmmy biscuits which went brilliantly with hannah's chili.
-post-party i did dishes. it was one of those times that i did unto others and it felt so good. at my own house i would have left the dishes - but i would have hated to wake up to them.
-got home around 11. straight to bed.

-woke up around 9, but really it was 8
-made a big batch of my oatmeal - mixed in frozen berries, splenda & cinnamon.
-woke paul up. he made breakfast for himself and i washed our dishes and then we watched SNL from last night. enjoyed beck immensely, hugh laurie was amusing in his british way.
-finished knitting a scarf and wove in the ends.
-puttered around the house. put stuff away, kitty litter, cleaned off the dining room table, took a shower. set up a few scarves to block on the table on towels. unfortunately my table isn't long enough so each scarf will be half blocked. if everything is dry when i wake up tomorrow maybe i'll have time to block the second halves of them all.
-worked on the trekking sock that hasn't been touched since april. finished sock one, finished toe of sock two. actually have bruised my index finger on my left hand from pushing those size one needles with it. it's painful enough that i can't knit anymore. thus the blog entry.
-watched a couple episodes of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel. LOVE that show.
-just took my contacts out. time to get into bed.

nighty night.

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  1. I was making conversation at the dinner table tonight...
    "guess who Aunt Lisa was for a costume party she went to this past weekend?"
    "Hermione Granger"
    "Coool." (After we made the Potter connection for the kids.)
    "What about Uncle Paul?"
    "Ummm, I can't remember, but I think he dressed in his pajamas and took a towel."
    "I know who it was!"
    "You do?"

    They were all convinced. So next year, Paul can wear the same costume, add a duck, and voila... new costume.