Saturday, October 21, 2006

good day

yesterday was a good day.

first appt was with the eye doctor to have a contact lens exam.  it was easy-peasy.  in and out.  with Dr. Gill.  he's a cute Indian eye doctor who said "i think you look better with contacts."  heh.  charmer.  i used to wear contacts regularly a couple years ago but when my prescription ran out i never really pursued getting another one.  laziness.  ridiculous laziness.  NO MORE! :)  i have a follow-up visit next friday so he can see how these are going and if all is well i will get my actual prescription.  and you know where i'm getting my lenses after that?  BJ's.  heck yes.

the next appt i had was my haircut.  i went to Roots Hair Design.  friend Hannah recommended this place and i'm so glad i went there.  the stylist who cut my hair, Kim, really took the time to listen to what i wanted (able to pull it up, am not going to wake up and style my hair every morning, frames my face well) and it looks really nice.  she took about three inches off the longest bottom layer and more off the shorter layers.  it's really cute.  i'm interested to see how it looks after a shower & airdry.  this morning i got a look at what newhaircutbedhead looks like.  could be worse :)

post-haircut was my manicure & pedicure.  i went to Marybeth's in Hamilton.  the ladies there were very nice.  i was a little worried because this is definitely a place where Hamilton/Wenham wives go to get their posh little fingernails tended to - but the woman who did my nails, Brenda, was SUPER nice and chatty.  she did a great job on my nails and gave me good tips for maintaining them a little longer.  oh - and they're all doing WW at this nail salon and they're wicked cute about it.

i left the house around 9:30 and got home around 4:30 so it was a full day of activity.  we went over to Chuck & Hannah's around 6 and i got some good cuddle time with Penelope.

not sure really what's happening today - but i HOPE it includes some indian food.  :)  will let the faithful readers know.  hee.

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  1. Glad to hear you are having a good birthday weekend! I forgot to mention Happy Birthday! in my last comment, sorry! :)

    Your hair requirements sound like mine! Except, I'm too chicken to actually 'cut' my hair, and just get a trim now and then. I really need to do something different though... I'm getting tired of it!

    Hope your weekend continues to be so nice :)