Tuesday, October 24, 2006

not quite a snow day but...

i did end up staying home today.

i can't quite figure out why but both paul and i woke UP at 2am in the morning last night and couldn't get back to sleep at all.  i got up around 2:30 to look something up on the WW website and then went back to bed.  couldn't sleep.  realized paul was awake too.  i finally got out of bed at 4:00 and got a bowl of cereal thinking that if i filled my tummy i would be sleepy.  paul got up too and we watched an episode of iron chef.  when it got to be 5:15 i figured trying to get back to sleep at that point would only make it irritating when the alarm went off at 6.  soooo.  i emailed in to my boss and told her i was not a person who could not function without sleep and so i've been home one more day trying to fight the grumps that come along with three hours of sleep.  i have been trying NOT to nap so that tonight hopefully i can sleep through.

the only thing that has changed is that i went and bought that air purifier yesterday and that's been running in the bedroom.  i went and got it because paul had a SERIOUS asthma/allergy attack on sunday night and could barely catch his breath.  i figure between old-house dust and two cat pet dander the air could be purer.  but the machine isn't loud or anything so i'm pretty sure that's not what woke us.  but it wasn't even a sleepy awake.  we were both awake as if it was supposed to be awake time.

needless to say - i've been in p.j.'s all day

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