Wednesday, October 18, 2006

a wednesday list

  1. today is wednesday.  tomorrow is thursday.  but tomorrow's thursday is like friday because i'm taking friday off.  so today is like thursday. 

  2. my bosses are taking me out to lunch tomorrow for my bday.  i'm going into this with the best attitude possible.  it's a free lunch.  and i'll be the least socially awkward person there.  this doesn't happen all that often.  i get to pick where i want to go and i think we're going to go to the Black Cow in Hamilton.

  3. i just had a Subway sandwich for lunch and allowed myself to have baked cheddar & sour cream lays.  and a diet coke.  very yummy lunch.  and because i waited until around 1 to go out and get it there's only 2.5 hours left in my day.

  4. tonight is a new Lost.  season 3 is not thrilling me as much as season 1 & 2 did...but maybe that's because i got to watch both of those on DVD and thus didn't have to wait a week between episodes.

  5. i've gotten more than usual done today so far.  or, rather, i've been less procrastinational.

  6. darn - my voicemail light is blinking.  i should check that. 

  7. i want chocolate.

  8. i ordered these pens from Office Depot a couple weeks ago.  and i LOVE them.  i haven't mentioned it on this blog, but anyone who knows me knows my pen obsession.

  9. i'm worried i might be developing a slight allergy to wool.  not sure.  but i've worn scarves the past couple days and my neck is ITCHY even for a couple hours after i take the scarf off.  no adverse effects when i'm knitting with wool though.  hmmm...

  10. tonight i hope to take some photos of recently finished and on the needles knitting projects to post about.  we'll see how that goes. 

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