Sunday, October 22, 2006

WIP inventory

one of today's projects has been & still is going through my knitting basket here in the livingroom and sorting out what projects i've got going, what's finished, and what yarn i've got in there that i may have forgotten about.

i should have taken a before & after picture but i'm not that smart.  everything is sorted into ziploc bags now though - and while not the prettiest way of storing things, it's very efficient at keeping projects & different yarns separated.

i'm about to update my sidebar with all projects that need finishing.  i ripped out quite a few things.  i decided that if i couldn't remember what it was or what it was going to be - it was not worth the energy of sorting out where i was in the pattern and continuing.  there's quite a few ends of skeins that i'll reball up with my ball winder for tidiness' sake.  and there are a few projects that i intend to finish up before starting anything else.

i've got a baby sweater here that just needs to be seamed up the sides & sleeves.  how bad is it that i can't recall what pattern i was using?  i need to be better at writing stuff down on a note card and sticking it in the ziploc bag with the knitted item.  i hope i wake up tomorrow and remember which pattern this was.

there are MANY projects that just need to have their ends woven in.  and i have a few items that need to be blocked.  i'm verrry bad about blocking.  this WILL be a project for tomorrow while i'm watching anne of green gables or pride & prejudice.

i did a bit of spinning today.  actually just plying to free up some bobbins.  navajo plying.  it's been since last winter that i used my wheel but it's apparently just like riding a bike.  very easy to pick up where i left off.  i still need lots of practice, though - i tend to overspin a bit and my skeins curl up on themselves.  tomorrow i will do some actual spinning.

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  1. Look at your organized sidebar! :) I really like that Trekking colorway, will we get to see photos?