Tuesday, November 28, 2006

drizzly tuesday

one hour four minutes left.

been a fairly ordinary day.

i wrote a letter to an old friend. i'm curious to know how it's received, and wonder if i'll hear back from her.

had subway for lunch. but i'm fairly certain that's not really interesting blog fodder.

am frustrated with my employer. hannah banana works at the same place i do and they're not being flexible at all about her needs as a new mom. "you know what really grinds my gears?"

even before i talked to hannah about said job situation i spent a significant amount of time looking at job sites online today. i'm experiencing ennui about where i'm at right now. and i can't decide if i just need a serious dose of perspective or if i need a change. either way i'm looking around.

tonight i think i've got a quiet night at home. hub's going to a friend's house, probably for a couple hours, and i think i'll wrap some gifts, wash the dishes, order a pizza or something. oh yah - and knitting of course! although i'm fairly certain i could fall asleep EARLY. i've been so tired. edited 5:12 p.m.: hub's staying home tonight. still will be a quiet evening, i'm certain. it's good to be home

i ordered some knit picks wool of the andes, 8 skeins of black cherry heather, arctic pool heather, and forest heather. it arrived yesterday and i'm excited to do some swatches and plan some christmas knitting.

i'm trying to decide if i want to take the time to decorate the house and my workspace here for christmas-time. it doesn't feel christmasy to me. we haven't seen any snow yet. i don't even need to wear a coat outside yet. :( maybe we'll get a chill soon.

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