Wednesday, November 15, 2006

uninspired ups & downs

+ 2 hours 45 minutes left. that's manageable right?

- my eyelids are VERY heavy as of about 10 minutes ago

- not so much to do around here today. not even so much to pretend to be doing.

+ exploring the world of podcasts.

+ staying in tonight. if all goes well i'll be pajama-ed by 5:15. leftover pizza for dinner. maybe i'll get to knit (no knitting for the past FOUR days).

+ not only have i not killed the plant hannah gave to me, but i think it's getting new leaves!

+ lists. i have a two-pager going in order to present the most wonderful thanksgiving on earth. with extra comfort & relaxation.

+ diet a&w root beer comes in an "old-fashioned" style bottle and it cracks me up.

+ which reminds me - this video cracks me right the hell up. and i can recite the whole darn thing in the annoying voice.

- a&w root beer doesn't have any caffeine. darn.

+ i used up about 10 minutes posting this....

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