Monday, December 11, 2006

big doings...

so here's the news.

last thursday, at 8:50 a.m., i presented my two weeks' notice to my two bosses.

with full support of my hubby, and the knowledge that i am not happy here, my last day is dec. 22.

i don't have another job lined up, but i do know that when i start to look (really actively after christmas) it will be for a part-time job.  i hope to use the extra hours to pursue something more creative.  i've always had the dream & desire to spend more time knitting/spinning/dying/designing - and now i'll have the time.

it doesn't really feel real yet.  i'm not going to start packing stuff up and taking it home until next week.  but i catch myself daydreaming about a clean house, about time to exercise without having to drop something else i want to do, about not dreading the waking up every day.

i'm a little nervous.  i'm sure it will feel a bit scary to not have as much cashflow as we used to - but i'm feeling, also, proud of myself for not settling and being willing to follow a dream for a little while.

this must be a life lesson, right?


  1. Congratulations on making such a big decision! I am a firm believer in doing what truly makes you happy. Being happy and content with yourself and your life is so much more important than being wealthy. You will probably find that if you do what you love the finances will follow.

    A warning, however; having more time at home may not guarantee a cleaner home. Well, at least not in my case, anyway :)

    Once you're home we should have a knitting party!

  2. I'm so proud of you!!!

    Too many people get stuck and stay stuck. Good for both of you for making a decision like this together!