Tuesday, December 26, 2006

"i've got nothing to do today but smile..."

name that song and you get fifteen gold stars.

we're home from celebrating Christmas in connecticut with hub's family.  which was just okay if i'm being honest, and was good if i'm putting it in perspective with the rest of the world.  we were there from saturday night to this morning.  it's never an easy stay for me in CT for a few reasons.

1.  i'm not a good traveller.  i just plain prefer being home surrounded by my stuff and plenty to do.

2.  i have a VERY hard time sleeping there.  it smells different than home, and the air is super dry because of the woodstove, and the bed in the guest bedroom is super super super hard.  this time we thought we'd solve at least one issue by bringing the aerobed we bought a few months back when sam was coming to stay at our house for a week.  saturday night we both tossed and turned.  sunday night more tossing more turning.  last night we finally figured out that for some reason we were sleeping on the wrong sides of each other, and switched, and slept MUCH better.  i felt like such a tard for not figuring it out before then.

3.  my skin breaks out EVERY time we visit.  i don't know if it's the air or the water or my travel stress that does it - but here i am - we've been home for five hours and i've got three major zits in production.  my jerk face.

so while i feel that my entry is full of complainy bologna - it's mild compared to all the venting i'd like to do.

we have two other Christmases coming up that i'm looking forward to.  a celebration with chuck & hannah & the lovely miss p.  and then a week after that we're headed up to maine to visit my family up there.  even though i hate (abhor) the drive (i'm a whiny brat), i'm always much more relaxed up there than in CT.

tomorrow: i'm looking forward to making my list.  and going to the grocery store.  that's the extent of the planning so far.

i'm sleepy.  one last episode of west wing on dvd and then i'm going to bed in MY bed.

happy holidays.

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