Wednesday, December 13, 2006

a new regular feature...

notice to the right --> --> -->

a new feature called "looking forward..." where i plan to keep track of all the things i'm looking forward to after i escape from this nasty cubicle.


  1. Who's left? Are you behind the blog? *grin*

  2. oh geez. i'm so directionally challenged. i'm going to change it now in hopes that no one else sees my mistake.

  3. Oh! You meant the other left.

    I get it now. :)

  4. Sometimes I get confused online with right and left and I think it's left and right if you are looking *out* of the screen instead of *at* it... weird, I know. Anyway!

    Well I'm glad you're making such a big change, good for you! Now, if only I could quit my job... ;)