Friday, December 22, 2006

so here's the thing...

today is friday.  and i'm very excited because i've quit my job and today is my last day.  but it doesn't quite feel real yet because even if i hadn't quit my job next week our office is closed and i wouldn't be here.  so i think the anticipation i'm really feeling right now is about equal to the anticipation of a week's vacation.  i think the REAL exciting part will come on the morning of January 2 when my hubster has to come to work but i can stay home.  can it possibly be true??

i hope it's as wonderful as i think it will be. 

tonight we're going to celebrate.  i'm not sure how exactly.  the only firm plans are that chuck & hannah & miss p are coming to OUR house, and there will be alcohol involved.  and i hope to vacuum before they arrive.  :)

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