Monday, December 4, 2006


once in a while i remember that music is powerful.

i purchased Sufjan Stevens 'Songs for Christmas' this morning through iTunes. i'd been wanting to get it - but waited - until i felt like it was christmas-time. this morning, with the snow, i "clicked here to buy."

i started listening this morning around 8:30 - and every time i had to get up from my desk i made sure to pause it, because i didn't want to miss any of it.

most holiday albums exceed at being just okay. some holiday albums are less irritating than others. they aren't so much about the sappy, but more about the season and actually appreciating it. some albums are merely meant for reminiscing. some albums, if i close my eyes, make me feel like i'm at home - or just where i need to be at that moment.

this holiday album has succeeded in all ways. it's not irritating - it's not like any other christmas album i've ever heard. it's excellent in its simplicity and sacred with its focus. if i close my eyes i'm suddenly in maine next to the woodstove - and the intense warming is real. thank you, sufjan, for being an artist uninterested in the top 40 or the mall. the lack of santa baby and two front teeth are noticeable and appreciated.

i loved the entire album. but just now, when i got to the second to the last track, after pressing pause & play all day long, i found my favorite. 'holy, holy, holy' sung for me and my soul - brought tears to my eyes. it's not very often that a song, or anything for that matter, helps me to remember who i am at my very core and what is important to me.

this album has already become a permanent part of my collection.


  1. so hold the phone. you think this is better than 'i saw mommy kissing santa claus' or the sardonically irreverent 'i saw mommy kissing mrs. claus'? cuz, i don't think any song is more subversive, cathartic or redemptive than these classics.

    and i'm not even going to bring UP 'simply having a wonderful christmas time'...

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