Thursday, December 13, 2007


i worked this morning and was supposed to work this afternoon.
in fact, i was at the shop in rockport for about an hour when hub called and said (he'd gone home early from work) the roads were terrible and i should come home ASAP.
got home around 2:30 and SNOW DAY!
i love the snow and this is our first real storm of the season. it's GORGEOUS. i love watching it come down and it's ever so pretty with our christmas tree lit up and hub on the couch with his slippers on and me with my jammies on already.
i just started bread in the breadmaker (plain ol' white today) - and i'm envisioning grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner later.
paul mentioned maybe watching Little Women today which would be great because i haven't watched it yet this year and it's the perfect day for it.
i need to do some hand sewing and knitting which is definitely good for t.v./movie time.
i'm extremely tempted to take a nap but i want to enjoy this unexpected time at home to the max - and i'm not sure a nap is an appropriate way to celebrate :)

gotta go get my chapstick.
hopefully snow pictures tomorrow. :)

Saturday, December 8, 2007


  • bought paul's christmas present. am very nearly broke for a few days.

  • saw very pretty snow-dusted trees. reminded me of something Bob Ross might have painted.

  • saw tiny songbirds taking a communal and seemingly frenetic bath in a puddle on the sidewalk.

  • christmas music on shuffle.

  • tidied the house up.

  • still need to vacuum.

  • will i have time to sew?

  • hot chocolate from dunkin donuts. mmmmm.

  • sunshine and blue skies. wet roads from melting ice & snow.

  • free jar of cinnamon sticks at stop & shop because i found a price discrepancy. score.

  • going to make wassail & cookies later.

  • chuck & hannah and p-nut coming over

  • the day revolves somewhat around something like this.

Friday, November 23, 2007

our thanksgiving and a few things i'm thankful for...

it's our year to not travel, so we got to have thanksgiving with our chosen family this year.

wednesday we went over to chuck & hannah's and helped them clean house, and then do food prep for thursday. it was our job to do the turkey (an organic bird from whole foods) and appetizers. hannah & chuck took care of sides & dessert. we got a lot of work done on wednesday so thursday would be as relaxed as possible. we arrived around 2 p.m. and got home around 11:30 p.m.

thursday we woke up and came over here to have coffee around 9 a.m. the turkey went in the oven around 10 and we had lots of snacks/appetizers while everything was cooking. the meal was good, despite a few technical difficulties with the bird. hannah's sides are always great. after the meal hannah and penelope and i took a short walk to a playground and got some fresh air. later we ate apple pie and watched White Christmas. it was a really really good day.

today is leftovers day. we're here watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended versions) and eating leftovers and relaxing. i think we're going to make turkey soup with leftovers a little bit later.

i don't know if i can remember such a stress-less thanksgiving. i'm so thankful for my friends and my hubby and my kitties and comfort and warmth and sunshine.

pictures coming soon, i hope.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

my M.O.

(which means modus operandi, which is Latin, and therefore i am sounding smart)

  • went shopping with hannah today, all the way down route 1 to the square one mall, and then back up to trader joe's on 114. i don't love shopping, but i love me some hannah. :)

  • i've been doing a great big paperwork sort & purge and got a paper shredder (which i can't remember if i've already written about or not). i'm feeling so great that when/if paul says "i need the title for the car", i can say "i know right where that is!". i've also found a ton of manuals/warranties.

  • i had to rip back ten inches on my NaKniSweMo sweater today. that truly bit. i ripped back, got the stitches on the needles, and decided no more knitting today because i was just so frustrated by the mistake i made.

  • no more knitting meant: laundry getting done, dishes being washed, trash & recycling being ready for trash day tomorrow, the bed being made

  • after two weeks of NOT counting points and being the slightest bit naughty foodwise, i went to weigh in last wednesday and turns out i only gained 0.2 pounds, which honestly i don't consider a setback or a disappointment at all. i was totally stoked. i've committed to staying completely on plan this week before the big eating holiday on thursday. so far so good. after a 17-point breakfast out this morning (don't ask) i've still stayed within my daily points today. i've been eating really fantastic salads and i discovered salad spritzers which i'm IN LOVE WITH. seriously. i'm obsessed.

  • i've dropped one of my babysitting jobs. the money i was earning, minus the gas money i was spending, wasn't really working out that far in my favor. i'm certain i've made the right decision, my conscience tells me so.

  • (it was here my computer battery died so i had to cut off the writing...)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

getting s*&t done

i don't know what's gotten into me. i'm getting s*&t done.
i have:
-organized all my craft supplies - weeded out, consolidated, sorted, donated
-taken two bags of yarn to the local thrift store to donate
-sold a bunch of yarn on craigslist for cheap
-started a major paperwork sort & file projects and purchased a paper shredder
-pulled a bunch of books of our bookshelves that were just taking up space
-run three errands today: two banks & one trip to CVS
-reserved our turkey for thanksgiving at whole foods
-called nordic track about our irritatingly squeaky elliptical - they're sending a guy out
-bought a large piece of white posterboard so i can do a yarn/knitting photoshoot this weekend
-made a major employment decision which has led to peace of mind
-re-organized the closet in the diningroom, pulling out all the christmas stuff that will be needed in just a couple weeks
-organized all our gift wrap (we have more than i thought)

i'm really quite proud of myself. i hope this streak lasts a few more days. i still have quite a lot on my list!

Friday, November 2, 2007

hello blog

it's been a while.

first you were broken (i didn't have the cash to renew your domain, please don't take it personally).
then mr. lappy mclaptop seemed to be busted. a man who calls himself a genius figured out what the problem was today, but even though he did so, i wouldn't say he seemed bright enough to be genius material.
a couple thing have happened that i haven't talked about.
my birthday came and went and it was a good one. i wasn't sure that it would be - but it turned out really well - so well that i handed out hugs without feeling weird about it (i'm not generally a hugger...)
as a result of my birthday i now have a red iPod nano and i think she is so pretty. she cost a lot of money and i was anxious about whether she would be worth it - but she so is. i take her everywhere with me and as i write about her now i think i should have named her by now. i love her songs, her podcasts, and she has inspired in me a new love for klondike solitaire.
i've been spinning a lot lately, and i even did my first dyeing project with wilton icing dyes. it was really fun and i hope i can remember to post photos of it here tomorrow.
tomorrow is going to be a great big rainstorm - and i'm completely excited about that. i love me a good rainy day. we ordered pizza tonight and got a lot - just so we can eat it all weekend. (i should not be eating pizza, i know, but friday nights have cravings).
tomorrow night mr. paul and i are babysitting miss penelope and i think we're going to have a lot of fun. mr. chuck and mrs. hannah need to go on a date and we are happy to be of service in caring for their genuinely-genius daughter.
well - blog - we have rented guitar hero III and we are enjoying it greatly so i'm going to sign off for now.
i hope we talk tomorrow,

Monday, October 15, 2007


is there anything better than being asked by your husband to please make a list of things you might like to receive for your birthday?

Sunday, October 14, 2007


woke up at 7.
knit a bit.
took a shower.
put in BBC Pride & Prejudice.
knit a bit.
blowdried my hair & ate oatmeal for breakfast.
knit a bit.
was getting sleepy knitting - made some coffee.
drank coffee and pulled out my spinning wheel.
spun and kept watching P&P.
eventually changed P&P to disc 2.
kept spinning.
took a break to eat a banana.
more spinning & watching.
break to make lunch for friend oscar.
more spinning.
break to say goodbye to oscar (he's moving out of MA).
eat leftover pizza for lunch.
movie ends.
some more spinning.
go to freida's house with paul for a little cake & coffee.
back - more spinning.
break to make dinner for me, paul & chuck.
eat dinner.
more spinning - mostly plying.

it was an awesome day.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


so my birthday is in 11 days. awesome.

but i'm very completely much more looking forward just a couple days ahead to this weekend.

can anyone guess why?

i'm looking forward to NOTHING.

no travel. no work. no need to get dressed and be out the door by 8 a.m.
i'm open to social engagements over the weekend. but i'm also open to saying "no" to them.

i'm vury excited.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


is it crazy that i'm thinking about selling off all the yarn in my stash that i don't love? that way i can kind of start over and purchase more purposefully?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

blogging = procrastinating


camping trip
we went camping with our friends. we went up to mountain pond in the white mountain national forest and it was beyond-belief-beautiful. it reinforced my belief that i'm a mountain/lake person - not so much an ocean person.

camping trip
ben (a new friend), mariah, and aaron (aaron & mariah are married).

camping trip

i taught mariah to knit and she is SO good. she could do the long-tail cast on right away. knits, purls, switching back & forth, garter, stockinette...she's a natural.

camping trip
this is maggie, ben's dog. she's very extremely wonderful.

camping trip
the group photo: ben, me&paul, aaron&mariah. this is right before the long drive home.

overall - the trip was great. i didn't sleep so well, and i hate doing my "business" in the woods, but the company was really fantastic, and the setting was seriously idyllic.

we got back late sunday night and both paul and i decided to take monday off to recover - we were exhausted and it seemed like everything we owned smelled like a campfire. we spent most of the day watching/sleeping through movies in the bedroom. there was a bit of an accident where some coffee was spilled on my dear powerbook, and it seemed as though we would have to take it to the apple store, but now it's working again. we'll see if it lasts.

also - monday night we were almost in a car accident. it was pretty scary, and i'm fairly certain the lady who almost hit us was drunk. we were on a rotary here in town, and she almost hit us, then overcompensated in the other direction and hit a curb and then spun her car (a jeep cherokee) around a few times. if paul hadn't had such a great reaction time she would have spun right into us. after she stopped spinning she was facing the wrong direction in the rotary and we pulled over and paul got out of our car to walk over and see if she was alright. in the meantime she was trying to start her car up, and just as paul was approaching her car, she got it to start and just took off...FAST. so i totally got her license plate number and we called the cops to let them know what happened. they said they'd gotten another call about the same plate number so i hope they got her. i keep thinking about what didn't happen - and i'm so grateful that paul and i are okay. something like that seriously shifts your perspective - suddenly the fact that my laptop wasn't working didn't seem like a big deal at all.

pretty normal work week for both of us this week. we have our first official WW weigh in tonight so i'm a little anxious about that. we didn't count points while camping, but hopefully the hiking counteracted a bit of that.

this weekend coming up we're headed to connecticut for a quick visit.
then monday, the 8th, my sister and her family are coming down for a day visit. i'm very excited about that.

the following weekend i've scheduled a NOTHING weekend. i need to have some serious do-nothing time.

also - how much do i love this fall weather?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


in list format of course...

  • i love ravelry. it is making it very difficult for me to stay committed to finishing this Pi shawl when i've discovered SO MANY patterns i want to try.

  • i'm trying to find balance in my life. (aren't we all?) with my new sewing job i've been overdoing it lately. i spent too much time working and too little time at home - knitting, cleaning, being. not kidding, usually 5 out of 7 nights a week we have social things going on so evenings aren't as restful as they used to be. so for now i'm going to try to stick to my 10 hours a week sewing, no more than that, even though it's so tempting to stay at the shop. it's really great to be in a place where creativity is encouraged and the people are so fun to be around. but i've been working almost 40 hours a week between the shop and the babysitting and i'm stretched thin. i have to remember how important my sanity is...

  • i'm starting weight watchers again - i'm excited and scared about it. paul is going to join with me which is almost the best part. i don't think his weight is necessarily a concern, but we both need to have healthier habits...and his partnership in this will make everything that much easier for me.

  • so is it just me or are we and all our friends growing up and becoming adults? one friend is getting his MFA at UNH and is teaching a class there and is spending his evenings grading papers...other friends are pursuing grad school and there's possibility of their moving clear across the country to do it...other friends (and me) are realizing that now is the time to really think about what we want to spend the rest of our lives doing...and then trying to figure out how to do it. i feel like i felt right before i graduated from high school. like i was on the verge of leaving my comfortable existence and moving on to something scary and exciting and determining and scary again. it's freaking me out.

  • i need to take pictures of my knitting for ravelry. i'm trying to decide if i want to try to enter some old projects & pictures or just current and future items.

  • paul and i are going with some friends camping this weekend in NH. wish me luck.

  • have to pee - which must mean it's time to stop writing.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

i got my ravelry invite this morning!!!!

see you all in a month :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


there are 2361 people ahead of me.
i'm gnashing my teeth and rending my garments here people...
(that's my biblical way of saying - i can't wait any longer!!!)

okay - i can wait - but i wish i didn't have to. :)

next day update: just checked the waiting list again - only 1411 people ahead of me - that's almost 1000 invites in one day! maybe in a couple days i'll get mine! (that would be so awesome on the weekend).

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

penelope, me, hannah

i really can't believe it - penelope is a whole year old now.
the birthday party was at our house on sunday, and it was crowded and loud and fun fun fun.

what a fantastic year with a wonderful little girl. she's constantly reminding me how great life is.

love you peanut.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

taking it all in stride...

pacing myself and breathing and and getting enough sleep is all contributing to a good week so far. also - living in the moment - rather than having all sorts of freakout anticipation about what needs to be done or the lack of free time - i'm loving that right this moment penelope is napping and i've been looking at crafty blogs and diet coke is the best thing ever. and this morning i loved the fact that i was being paid to sew. for goodness' sake - i'm being paid to be crafty.
tonight i'm going to love that we're hanging out with our best friends and completely ignore the fact that our house needs scrubbing.
tomorrow i'm going to love that it's the first day of school for one of the families that i babysit for and so i'll have two less kids in the AM than i usually do.
and i'll love the sunshine (high of 78).
and hopefully all this loving will generate a nicer less frantic spirit. remembering the big picture: i'm no longer spending 40 hours a week in a cubicle - but surrounded by curious and cute and lovey kids, and encouraged by my friends and hub, and by employers to pursue creativity and happiness - wherever that may be.
and does it really matter to my parents (coming to visit this weekend) that there are weirdo dust-bunnies behind the toilet?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

busy busy week.
and i'm pooped.

monday: babysitting all day, went on a date with hub, had someone over at the house after dinner for dessert & wine.

tuesday: started new part-time sewing job, did housework, had friends over for dinner and hangings out.

wednesday: babysitting jobs. tonight the only solid plan is going over finances (we do this every wednesday). this will probably be sad, but not all that taxing (hee - finances, taxing...). also need to attack some housework.

tomorrow: sewing job, housework that will inevitably not get done tonight, hanging out with some OTHER friends.

friday: babysitting jobs, more hangings out with some OTHER friends. we are definitely making the rounds this week.

saturday: paul working in morning, me working all day...1/2 babysitting, 1/2 sewing. no social plans for the evening as of yet, but i hope we can hang with the bartholomews at some point this weekend.

sunday: free mostly except baby Libby is getting christened at 10 a.m. and i should really go to that. and maybe some sewing work.

next week: babysitting every day + fitting in sewing where i can, probably evenings.

next weekend: mom & dad visiting.

holy crap. this is not my life.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a list

because i'm not really awake enough to form paragraphs.

1. went to CT over the weekend because paul's mom broke her leg. the weekend was mostly fine.

2. have a meeting this morning with someone about potential sewing work. i'm nervous about it. i get nervous about talking to people i don't know.

3. went out to dinner with hub last night. we figured we could manage money-wise so i got dressed up. as dressed up as i get. skirt and makeup. this doesn't happen very often. it was a nice dinner and a good time.

4. friend kirsten came over when we got home and we had dessert and wine. it was nice but i was POOPED so i wasn't great company.

5. hannah and penelope came over to play with me & libby in rockport when i babysat yesterday and that was really nice. we went for a nice long walk and it was good friend time.

6. i'm going to drink my coffee now.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i finally did some finishing

my mess

finishings up
a basket full of blocking that needs to be done - all the ends are woven - all the buttons are sewn on - it only took about four hours. eek. i need to be better about doing this stuff.

Monday, August 13, 2007

i love monday nights

after working friday, having a social busy saturday, and a social busy sunday, and then working today - i'm really really really looking forward to my tuesday. there's a little cleaning on my to-do list but then it's all about me-time with knitting and sewing and resting . hurrah!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

10:18, and allllll is welllll

i am seriously pining for autumn.
i literally fantasize about when i get to wear long sleeves and socks again.
when baking doesn't mean adding more heat to the already steamy apt, but it just means yummy smells.
when i can be curled up under a blanket while watching Anne of Green Gables and knitting and drinking hot cocoa.
and everything will feel right.
october is so far away.

on another note: hub is still sick. third day home and he's still not feeling any better. he's really miserable and it makes me feel so sad that i can't make him feel better. he's going to try to make a doctor's appt for tomorrow. he may try to go in for a half day of work.
i'm really hoping i don't catch this from him (but really, how can i not when in such close proximity all the time?). we really can't afford for me to miss work - but no one wants a sick babysitter hanging out with their kids. we're really fortunate that paul gets paid sick time at his job.

on another another note: tomorrow's another day off for me (hurrah!) and i have a sewing project to do for the shop in rockport. i'm going to try to crank it out and finish it tomorrow (should be a solid five or so hours of work) so i can turn it in and get paid on friday. we're really aching for some cash right now. gas & food - they're kind of important.
also (hopefully) happening tomorrow: more knitting, the finishing i still haven't done, photos of projects(?), house cleaning & laundry, podcast listening.

i'm really tired right now because paul's been up in the night and i wake up too. so i should probably go to bed. sometimes going to bed feels like surrender.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

tell me something good...

so this past weekend paul's family came up for a quick visit to our lovely Cape Ann.
his mom, Gramma, sister Beth, nephews Ricky & Aidan arrived around 12:30 on Saturday and were here until just about 12:30 on Sunday. while they were here we went on a harbor tour, went to the mall (ick), ate at legal seafoods, had dessert at their motel room, had them all to our house for a yummy waffle breakfast and then they all went to the beach. i didn't go to the beach. i pretty much hate the beach. so i stayed home and cleaned up after breakfast. they came back to the house briefly after the beach to have a snack and then went home to CT.

sunday afternoon paul and i had good quality time with each other. we played mario kart for quite a while and then we made peanut butter cookies together. it was really nice. oh - and it really helped my mood that the temperature sunday was at LEAST ten degrees cooler than saturday. so happy about that.

sunday night we got some hanging out time with chuck & hannah - it had been a whole week since we'd seen them which is highly unusual for us. it was a good time. they made a great dinner with recipes from a WW cookbook and we brought over some of our cookies to share with them.

after we got back from their place paul started being sneezy and said his throat was sore. :(

yesterday paul took a sick day and tried to nip this cold in the bud (is that really the saying? nip it in the bud? what the heck does that mean?) and i tried to help, but this morning he didn't feel any better so he was home again today. i don't think he's feeling much better now so he may be home again tomorrow.

i got up fairly early this morning and did a couple loads of laundry across the street right away because i thought it was supposed to get hot again today. then i washed some dishes (a lot more dishes when there are people in the house during the day), and did some general tidying. i worked on some knitting for a bit but hannah called around 10:30 and asked if i could come over and hang out with penelope so she could get some emergency house cleaning done (her brother is in town unexpectedly) so i got to play with penelope for a couple hours which was really quite fun. since i don't babysit her regularly anymore i don't get a whole lot of time with her and i miss it. she's such a beautiful and smart and fun baby. i got home around 1ish and made myself lunch and then my energy level just DROPPED. i didn't really feel like doing anything at all until around 5ish. i've since done some more knitting, more dishes, ate dinner. but i don't feel like, at this end of my day off, that i've got a whole lot to show for myself besides trying to take care of hub. i hate it when productivity is invisible. oh well. maybe thursday will be different.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

today, the plan

i'm approaching today with a different strategy.
rather than spreading the chores and errands out throughout the day - i'm going to set the timer this morning for 60 minutes and see how much i can get done in a concentrated amount of time.
i don't think it should take more than that much time to do the housework - and then i'll be left with a whole day to focus, focus, focus on knitting. i'm going to knit like it's my job. which is what i want it to be. time to start acting like it.

i will let you know how it goes.
(going to eat breakfast first.)

Monday, July 30, 2007

the weekend, in summary

1. paul surprised me with the new HP book friday night and i finished it today during my lunch break. hope i don't give anything away that i shouldn't by saying i'm very pleased with the way J.K. finished up my favorite seven-book series.

2. friday night: pizza, beers, and learning to play euchre with the bartholomews. i had heard such great things about euchre from a few different people and all i'm left with is "did we miss something?" the only thing that made it remotely fun was the beers...not the game. company was great.

3. saturday: went to olde ipswich days with the barts. was a nice sunny excursion. spent only $5, avoided buying any books at the library book sale. only one book tempted me, i carried it around for a few minutes and then put it back.

4. also saturday: after olde ipswich days i took a nap for a couple hours (recovering from euchre night) and then when i woke up paul suggested we splurge and go see the simpsons movie. SO funny. SO worth it. SO nice to go to a movie that was only an hour and a half long. SO fun to be surrounded by some hardcore simpsons fans.

5. sunday: relaxing day mostly - puttered, worked on a sewing project for helen (sewing for $$ is the best), and then had girls night with my hannah. we went to see Dear Liar at Gloucester Stage Company which was a lovely enjoyable production. the story is about the letters between George Bernard Shaw and his lady friend Mrs. Patrick Campbell. after the play we went to The Franklin restaurant downtown for drinks, appetizer and dessert. it was really a good time - i don't think i realized that i was missing time with just-hannah. rather than with hannah-with-penelope-and-or-with-chucko-and-or-with-paul-and-me. it was good friend time. i hope we do it again soon.

6. today: finished HP - i cried. treated myself to Subway for lunch. totally worth it. say what you may about Subway - but i love their sandwiches. maybe i just love someone else making me a sandwich :) had a good time with miss libby in rockport this afternoon. relaxing evening - did the dishes anyway. then paul and i went out for ice cream cones - i couldn't finish mine and froze most of it (if nothing else, doing weight watchers definitely reduced my portion sizes) and then came back to play some mario party 7. i don't know why but i'm avoiding going to bed. right now we're smelling and seeing smoke outside so we called the police dept just to let them know - so they called the fire dept for us. they just called us so paul was talking to them and apparently they're sending a truck out to investigate. exciting times here in east gloucester.

nighty night.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

how it went...

update on my list from yesterday:

-i did some knitting, and anticipate doing some more as soon as i'm done my dinner
-i have not vacuumed the livingroom - that may get done before bed
-dishes are done
-the kitchen floor is SHINING (i imagine i'll be anal about sweeping and wet-jetting for the next few weeks)
-laundry is done, just one load to be folded and put away
-brownies are made and paul looooves them (and it made the house smell great)
-i read more harry potter - two chapters and i imagine more before bedtime
-i didn't sort the mail basket - that one will haunt me until i do it
-i didn't transplant the herbs - but i watered them!
-i didn't upload disney photos. maybe i'll do that right now.
-no letters written. but i thought about it!

not too bad. honestly if all i did today was the kitchen floor i would have been a happy camper.
hopefully thursday i'll be able to spend more time on knitting.

Monday, July 23, 2007

tomorrow, tomorrow - i love ya...

after a few months of regular work weeks, my schedule is back to what i had hoped for when i quit my job last december. i'm working MWF and I have T & Th off to do with what i want. hurrah!

here's what i'm hoping to do tomorrow:

-finish up some knitting stuffs - including blocking
-vacuum the livingroom
-SCRUB the kitchen floor - i'm talking about getting down on my hands and knees
-make brownies
-read more harry potter, half-blood prince
-sort through the basket of mail - it's where all the mail gets dumped
-maybe transplanting my baby herbs - here's the holdup - i HATE paying money for potting soil. seriously, i'm paying for dirt. this is hard for me to accept.
-upload pictures of our trip to disney this past may to flickr.
-write a couple letters. why do i have all this pretty stationery lying around if i never write any letters?

wish me luck!

what's going on...

a list - because that's what i write best.

1. we went to see Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix on Saturday night with Chuck & Hannah (our first outing with them without Penelope since she was born!) and i liked it okay but didn't love it. it felt very rushed and very abbreviated. there were parts i really liked and other parts i hated that they messed with.

2. paul went to a library book sale with me on Saturday morning and i bought eleven books for $13.50. does it get any better than that? i walked through the tables they had set up and judged all the books by their covers. it was fun.

3. yesterday i organized yarn stash & projects and needles and whatnot. i love doing that. it's good to take inventory of what i've got in progress. i have at least six or seven projects that just need buttons and/or blocking. and really - only a couple projects on needles that are still in the active knitting stage. my goal this week: spend at least an hour each day on "finishing" and no starting any new projects until the finishing is done.

4. another goal this week: minimal grocery shopping. last week i organized freezer & pantry and tossed very old things and took note of what we've got on hand. aside from buying bread & milk & cheese (i can't live without cheese!) and some produce i honestly think we have enough food for meals for a couple weeks, considering it's just the two of us and any meal we cook is usually enough for one night + a leftover night. just now while home for lunch i put together a BIG batch of mexican soup. we'll eat some, put some in the fridge for other lunches & dinners and put a few containers in the freezer. i love mexican soup and it's perfect on this rainy day.

5. i've been trying to keep an ongoing list of house projects that can be worked on when i have more than a few minutes. hopefully tomorrow i'll have time to tackle a couple. (on the list: kitchen cupboard organization, some plant transplanting, clothes purge...)

time to get ready to head out the door to spend the afternoon babysitting.

Friday, July 13, 2007


as in - down in the...
or - on the way to being down in the...
or - thinking about how to avoid visiting the...

the past few days i've been having dreams about old friends. friends i don't know anymore - friends i wonder where they are and what they're doing. i think this has brought about a quasi-mourning to my system. mourning old friendships and relationships. my brain knows that people come and go in the course of one's life. my heart wishes that i was the kind of person who was good at staying in touch and working hard at keeping someone current to me - and hates that i'm not. i'm often lazy about it. but my heart swells when i think of some of these people - about how special they were to me for sometimes such silly reasons and sometimes not at all silly reasons and i wonder if i had kept up with them or tried to reconnect with them - if i could have the experience and the appreciation at the same time. how great that would be. but i know that they are different and i am different and any connection or relation would be different.

my dreams are very vivid. and they stick with me. and i wish i could shake them.

for the past couple days i've been slipping towards tears. the dreams. and commercials. even talk of little penelope potentially starting daycare - it hit me that she's growing up so fast. and her mom and dad are talking of moving to pursue grad school. which just makes life and adulthood seem very real and scary. it's a reminder that eventually paul and i are going to have to make some big decisions and those are extremely frightening to me.

so i feel it. i feel it physically. it's a lump in my throat. it's biting the inside of my mouth. it's having to slow my breathing. it's approaching like an asthma attack where you need to take control of yourself when it's so easy to panic instead.

i'm trying to tell myself to buck up, but this is one of those times that simply thinking of something that makes me smile - even the best picture of my adorable niece - gives just a tiny second of relief.

i'm antsy - i don't feel like knitting. and i don't feel like reading. watching t.v. just makes my mind wander. it's too hot to go for a walk. what's the point in cleaning or organizing.

the ennui has arrived and i know it's the precursor to a low. i don't like my lows.

so i'm trying to find a way to stop myself from falling in - because - doesn't it make sense that it's easier to not fall in than climb out?

okay - now i've written about it - maybe i can hold a train of thought for more than a few seconds now.

Saturday, June 9, 2007



paul had to work this morning so i decided to get in the car and drive around looking for yard sales - you never know when you'll find something cool.

i drove around for probably a couple hours - took 127 through manchester into beverly farms and then cut over towards Gordon and followed grapevine to dodge street into beverly. stopped at the bank to cash a check and got a muffin at great harvest bread company. splurged on a loaf of honey whole wheat bread, too. am anticipating yummy toast.

followed 1A through wenham and into hamilton. decided to visit a farmstand i had heard about on asbury street - greenmeadows farm. it was so good to visit. it's a certified organic place - and they have lots of vegetable plants ready to transplant into larger pots - i think i'm going to go back next weekend and get a few - tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers. they also have pigs and chickens and it smelled like being at home. also have a large selection of non-perishable organic food, and frozen stuff, and produce and honey. all sorts of things. this may become a regular visit on the weekends.

went back to 1A and stayed on it until it meets with 133 in ipswich and drove over through essex and got back on 128 headed north. took the third exit off the first rotary and drove the long way around the island, through lanesville, annisquam, pigeon cove and into rockport.
ended up at the shop in rockport around noon and stayed until close to 5.

(yard sale findings: a couple kids books, a picture frame that will come in handy for any future christmas gift swaps, a VHS tape of the movie "Annie" [only 50 cents for a serious childhood memory], and a pretty wooden box - i think i spent 10 dollars total)

came home for about an hour.

went over to chuck & hannah's to visit their cats for about 1/2 hour (C & H are away for a few days). started a load of laundry while i was there.

after paul finished work around noon he went out on a boat with friend jeff and others for jeff's bachelor afternoon (he's getting married next weekend). he was still there as of 7 so i decided to figure out dinner and my evening for myself so i went to the store.

called paul around 7:30 - he's going to have dinner with the boys.

menu for the evening:
frozen california pizza kitchen pizza
multigrain tostitos
newman's iced tea
toll house cookie dough for dessert. i may eat the dough, i may make cookies.

i've got five episodes of law & order: criminal intent on the tivo. i think i'll eat and have a marathon.

i should go get my pajamas on right now. really live it up.

i'm working at the shop from 11 to 5. maybe paul and i will have time together tomorrow night.

Monday, May 7, 2007

the list lives

1. paul's birthday was saturday. despite his having to work most of the day - it turned out to be a fantastically happy spontaneous birthday.

2. i spent the last four hours making mother's day cards and listening to records we bought yesterday. i just listened to some old James Taylor. ah - happy music.

3. i'm sleepy.

4. we're having an actual party for paul's birthday this coming saturday. i'm going to make baklava!

5. friend sam is coming to visit - arriving thursday and staying until sunday. can't wait to see him.

6. the house is almost clean enough for a houseguest sam - just a few things remain to be tidied and i will wait until thursday for those.

7. i had an exceptionally positive monday. highlights: three-year-old claire happy & cooperative in the a.m.; sunny weather; six-month-old libby sleeping for two hours and then hannah & penelope coming over for a playdate; called my sister to chat on the way home; crafty time this evening.

8. tomorrow: miss penelope and i are hanging out. i'm crossing my fingers that i'll get a little extra sleep in the morning - stayed up too late last night and i'm paying for it.

9. i need to be taking more pictures more often.

10. i love my cats.

Friday, April 6, 2007

the dilly-o

so here's what's going on with me, in my favorite list format...

1. babysitting. my hours have been settled so that i'm getting 22 hours of work each week. 10 for a family in Hamilton, and 12 for a family in Rockport. I have a full Tuesday & Thursday off each week - which may or may not last. While babysitting/housekeeping is not my dream job - I am far happier than when I was working in the office.

2. knitting. SERIOUS knitting. as luck may have it, or fate, or the Lord Jesus, the family I'm working for in Rockport have a shop downtown and they specifically offered to sell up some knitted items for me, if that's something i'd like to do. HECK yes! i'm working on some baby things - sweaters & whatnot - all original designs, and i'm knitting as often as i can - trying not to wear my fingers and my love out. this is the sort of opportunity i quit my job for - to pursue what i really love to do - and it fell into my lap. i'm totally stoked. this family may also be able to hire me to do some part-time sewing for them closer towards the summer - so if i don't pick up more babysitting i hope to take full advantage of that. i'm very interested to see how all of this plays out.

3. less housework than before. with the increase of the knitting the house is less tidy than it was. in my head i'm constantly trying to justify the constant stitching as more important than the sink full of dishes, or the shower that is addicted to soap scum.

4. may is going to be a busy busy month. the first weekend is Paul's birthday. the second weekend our dear friend Sam is coming for a visit. the third weekend we're flying to FL for Paul's cousin's wedding.

5. podcasts. i've a renewed excitement for them. while knitting i'm finding more and more that the t.v. is just irritating. and haven't i seen everything already anyway? but i love all the NPR podcasts, and i'm listening to one called Coffee Break Spanish. it is super irritating to me that i don't know how to spell what i'm learning to say, but i'm not willing to pay $16/month for the "extra materials."

6. next weekend. my nephew Caleb is coming for the weekend. i'm SO excited. he's 7 and i want to be the cool aunt and i hope weekends and time with us are happily anticipated. i'm trying to decide what fun activities we should do - maybe i'll work up a list and he can pick what he wants. maybe we'll just sit around and play video games all weekend and eat junk food. isn't that what aunts and uncles are for? (i really hope my sister is reading this) :)

7. flowers. i think tomorrow i'm going to buy myself flowers. i've been wanting some.

8. that's all folks. i have to pee and the sound of music is on the tele. i have to work on a sleeve.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

yes, i do exist

it's been quite a while since i have blogged.
here's a meme to try to get myself back into the swing of things.

7x7 Meme

Seven Things to Do Before I Die:
1. hot air balloon ride
2. see James Taylor live, and up close
3. have babies and grandbabies
4. drive across the country
5. spend some time in Salinas, CA - John Steinbeck land
6. have at least a summer place on a lake in Maine
7. write a book

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. enjoy olives
2. sports
3. really speak another language
4. really discipline my cats
5. stop buying yarn
6. swim (i can just about keep my head above water)
7. wrap my head around how things work - like cars & computers & electricity

Seven Things That Attracted Me To (Massachusetts):
1. it's where i went to college
2. it's just about halfway between Connecticut & Maine (where hub's family is and where my family is)
3. town particular: right on the ocean
4. town particular: it's NOT salem or beverly (the other towns with apartments in our price range)
5. apartment particular: cats allowed
6. apartment particular: 2 bedrooms
7. apartment particular: we're getting closer to being next-door neighbors to Chuck & Hannah

Seven Things I Say:
1. "holla!"
2. "well, i cleaned the house today."
3. "hello peanut!"
4. "your mom (something completely inappropriate.....)"
5. "so i found this thing online..."
6. "i think i need to get some yarn"
7. "chooooocolaaaate. pleeeeeeeeease."

Seven Good Books:
1. east of eden - john steinbeck
2. poisonwood bible - barbara kingsolver
3. prayer for owen meany - john irving
4. le petit prince - antoine de saint-exupery
5. blueberries for sal - robert mccloskey
6. anne of green gables - l.m. montgomery
7. pride & prejudice - jane austen

Seven Good Movies:
1. stranger than fiction
2. elizabethtown
3. nanny mcphee
4. all the lord of the rings
5. all the harry potters
6. the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
7. anchorman: the legend of ron burgundy

Seven Blogs to Tag:
no tagging from me - but feel free to play!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


i've rejoined the club of the employed. and i'm tired today.
i've taken on a babysitting job for 20 hours a week - for a family that seems like it will be really great. but after getting to bed too late and getting up early this morning (like i used to) - and spending more than three hours with a precocious three year old, and then coming home and trying to get stuff done around the house despite my low energy level, and then finally giving up and trying to take a nap but couldn't because of daylight and a bladder that can't handle how much water weight watchers tells me to drink, and then driving back to beverly to pick up hub & hannah, and then back to gloucester, and then meeting with another family about more babysitting hours - and this mother seems a little CRAZY (a first-time mom from manhattan who goes running in the mornings and speaks to her kid in this awful baby voice - which sums it up perfectly for me), all i wanted tonight was comfort food.
so i had a tuna fish sandwich and it was phenomenal.
tomorrow i'm not going anywhere (thank the lord almighty) - and i'll be able to catch back up with my ambitious house cleaning schedule. friday morning - back to the three year old.
i am fully aware that i did not really have a rough day when compared to others, and even compared to myself, but i am overtired and i'm cranky. and i think i'm PMSing.
that's the lame-o update.
tomorrow i should be back to normal.

Monday, January 29, 2007


yesterday i spent time making my first iMovie. mostly this thing is just photos, and it looked a lot better before it got all compressy down to 5 MB. but it took me surprisingly long to do it (especially when my comp froze up and i hadn't saved yet) - and i'm proud. :) here it is.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

today i WILL...

  • knit. (i haven't knit a single stitch in over a week).

  • post items that i'm weeding out on Freecycle.

  • change out of my jammies.

  • go to Radio Shack to get a firewire cable to connect our DV camcorder to my computer.

  • go to Blockbuster and turn in my Blockbuster Online rentals for free in-store rentals.

  • eat my yummy leftovers from dinner out last night.

  • find a new recipe that i want to try out this week.

  • watch more MythBusters episodes than i probably ought to.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

weight watchers

(for those of you not already in the know...hee) in january 2006 i started going to weight watchers meetings and following the plan.  i was fairly successful and lost 40ish pounds by october.  my birthday pretty much derailed me though, and october through december (the birthday, thanksgiving, christmas ambush) i was not counting points.  i was pretty disappointed in my lack of discipline, but with great encouragement from friends and my conscience i've signed up for weight watchers again - this time for the online program.

when i signed back up i found that i had gained 8 pounds over the holiday season.  ick!  but perspective was great when i was told that most people gain 5 pounds over the holidays anyway - AND i had this great irrational fear that i had gained ALL of my weight back - so 8 felt very conquerable.

today was my second weigh in and in two weeks on plan i've lost 6.4 pounds!  i'm remembering why this weight loss thing is so much fun and that it's not as hard as my brain likes to tell me it is.  i CAN do this.

Monday, January 22, 2007

crazy good weekend

my friends - i am tired.

let me tell you about my weekend.

saturday: chuck, hannah & penelope came with paul and i to Ikea in Stoughton. we got there around 4:00 and decided to eat first.

chuck and penelope at ikea

i think penelope was overwhelmed from the start.

we were there on a mission. paul and i decided this year to skip getting christmas presents for each other and instead go and buy some new furniture for our livingroom. the sectional sofa that we had was free & secondhand to us about four years ago. it was TIME for it to go. our cats had scratched up one side, it was obviously full of pet dander from our kitties and the dogs & cats of the previous owners, and it just wasn't all that comfy.

we ALMOST picked this one:
maybe we want the orange one?

but with our friends approval, we picked this one:

chuck & hannah & penelope

after browing the showroom at ikea, a food & potty break, then going through the marketplace, we were out the door with our new sofas, a new t.v. bench, and other vaious items, five minutes before Ikea closed. we all got home around 11:30 p.m and chuck & paul (with the help of our landlord, john) unloaded the sofas.

paul and i stayed up until 4 a.m dismantling our current sofa, unpacking the new sofas, building the new t.v. bench and arranging everything.

now our livingroom looks like:

couches at a different angle

new t.v. bench

we got two Ektorp leather sofas and the Leksvik corner t.v. bench.

sunday was mostly a lazy day.  we really were non-functional until around 2 p.m because we went to bed so late - but it was fun to lounge around on the new sofas.  then we decided to get the old sofa (in two pieces) out to the curb for trash day.  we got the first section all the way to the back porch and then i was holding the sofa in the wrong place and my hand got caught on a staple and it tore the side of my right hand.  owwwww!  i cried and fussed for about an hour (it's a deep nasty cut!) and in the meantime landlord john helped paul with the other sofa and our house is back to looking normal.  we'll take the cushions to the curb next trash day.

now - i'm tired (it'll take me a few days to recover from the almost all-nighter) - but the house has almost completely recovered from the weekend, and i am LOVING the facelift it's gotten.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


i think my hubby is so handsome. i'm still in deep smit.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

stash organization

yesterday i decided it was time to organize my stash. all the yarn and fiber came out of it's hiding places and we had a sorting party.
stash organization

this is what it looked like after the initial sort. after everything was sorted i inventoried what i had.

stash organization

after everything was inventoried i labeled the boxes and put everything away.

stash organization

then i entered the handwritten inventory into a spreadsheet.  (i love spreadsheets).

i do NOT need to be buying yarn or spinning fiber anytime soon.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

fambly photo


diner dinner: tuna melts (a la chucko), french fries (chef paul), mozzarella sticks, pickles, root beer floats.  a little later we had apple pie a la mode for dessert.

homework excuses

aaah!  i was tagged for a meme back in november by friend becky!  becky i wasn't ignoring you, i just didn't see my name at the bottom!

so here goes...

  1. One book that changed your life: East of Eden, John Steinbeck

  2. One book that you've read more than once: Anne of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery

  3. One book you'd want on a deserted island: The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook Extreme Edition, Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht

  4. One book that made you laugh: The Princess Bride, William Goldman

  5. One book that made you cry: Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Albom

  6. One book that you wish had been written: Instructional Manual for Life, with Colored Charts and Graphs, Lisa Bruce Edition

  7. One book that you wish had never been written: I got really mad at Absalom, Absalom by William Faulkner in college...

  8. One book that you're currently reading: Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller

  9. One book that you've been meaning to read: Memoirs of a Geisha, Arthur Golden

Monday, January 8, 2007

Friday, January 5, 2007

time fries while halving buns...

(inside joke, i think)

so my first week of unemployment wasn't the week i exactly expected.  paul was supposed to go back to work on tuesday and be there all week.  but paul went to work on tuesday and came home feeling like poo.  apparently he feels like the worst kind of poo because he stayed home wednesday and thursday.  he went into work this morning only because he was going to try to get an appt with our primary care which is closer to work than here.  he had his appt, came out of it with three prescriptions and they told him to go get a chest x-ray at the local hospital.  good gracious.  apparently this nasty cold wants to become pneumonia.  we haven't heard yet if that's the case as of yet, but that should be an indication of the dirty stinky poo he's feeling like.  :(  so my week has been less about home cleaning and organization and goal planning and list making and resume editing and job searching, and more about taking care of hubby.

this morning when he was out of the house i managed to sort some knitting projects and set some knitting goals for the next couple weeks.  and i made some luscious banana bread this morning with the bananas i bought last week and never ate.  i don't know why i buy bananas, i don't like them.  usually i force myself to eat one of the bunch, and slowly watch the rest go spotty brown.  anyway - the banana bread made the house smell soooo good.

the plan for tomorrow: i think more knitting on the vest i'm knitting for my mom.  i've spent good time on that today, and maybe a couple loads of laundry.  remarkably i've kept up really well on the dishes this week, and the bed has been made every day.  maybe tomorrow i'll tackle the bathroom with fury.

we're watching The Fifth Element right now.  hub likes it.  i'm knitting.  :)