Monday, January 22, 2007

crazy good weekend

my friends - i am tired.

let me tell you about my weekend.

saturday: chuck, hannah & penelope came with paul and i to Ikea in Stoughton. we got there around 4:00 and decided to eat first.

chuck and penelope at ikea

i think penelope was overwhelmed from the start.

we were there on a mission. paul and i decided this year to skip getting christmas presents for each other and instead go and buy some new furniture for our livingroom. the sectional sofa that we had was free & secondhand to us about four years ago. it was TIME for it to go. our cats had scratched up one side, it was obviously full of pet dander from our kitties and the dogs & cats of the previous owners, and it just wasn't all that comfy.

we ALMOST picked this one:
maybe we want the orange one?

but with our friends approval, we picked this one:

chuck & hannah & penelope

after browing the showroom at ikea, a food & potty break, then going through the marketplace, we were out the door with our new sofas, a new t.v. bench, and other vaious items, five minutes before Ikea closed. we all got home around 11:30 p.m and chuck & paul (with the help of our landlord, john) unloaded the sofas.

paul and i stayed up until 4 a.m dismantling our current sofa, unpacking the new sofas, building the new t.v. bench and arranging everything.

now our livingroom looks like:

couches at a different angle

new t.v. bench

we got two Ektorp leather sofas and the Leksvik corner t.v. bench.

sunday was mostly a lazy day.  we really were non-functional until around 2 p.m because we went to bed so late - but it was fun to lounge around on the new sofas.  then we decided to get the old sofa (in two pieces) out to the curb for trash day.  we got the first section all the way to the back porch and then i was holding the sofa in the wrong place and my hand got caught on a staple and it tore the side of my right hand.  owwwww!  i cried and fussed for about an hour (it's a deep nasty cut!) and in the meantime landlord john helped paul with the other sofa and our house is back to looking normal.  we'll take the cushions to the curb next trash day.

now - i'm tired (it'll take me a few days to recover from the almost all-nighter) - but the house has almost completely recovered from the weekend, and i am LOVING the facelift it's gotten.

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  1. Your apartment looks so cozy! I love your rug and shelves (and the new couches, of course.).