Friday, January 5, 2007

time fries while halving buns...

(inside joke, i think)

so my first week of unemployment wasn't the week i exactly expected.  paul was supposed to go back to work on tuesday and be there all week.  but paul went to work on tuesday and came home feeling like poo.  apparently he feels like the worst kind of poo because he stayed home wednesday and thursday.  he went into work this morning only because he was going to try to get an appt with our primary care which is closer to work than here.  he had his appt, came out of it with three prescriptions and they told him to go get a chest x-ray at the local hospital.  good gracious.  apparently this nasty cold wants to become pneumonia.  we haven't heard yet if that's the case as of yet, but that should be an indication of the dirty stinky poo he's feeling like.  :(  so my week has been less about home cleaning and organization and goal planning and list making and resume editing and job searching, and more about taking care of hubby.

this morning when he was out of the house i managed to sort some knitting projects and set some knitting goals for the next couple weeks.  and i made some luscious banana bread this morning with the bananas i bought last week and never ate.  i don't know why i buy bananas, i don't like them.  usually i force myself to eat one of the bunch, and slowly watch the rest go spotty brown.  anyway - the banana bread made the house smell soooo good.

the plan for tomorrow: i think more knitting on the vest i'm knitting for my mom.  i've spent good time on that today, and maybe a couple loads of laundry.  remarkably i've kept up really well on the dishes this week, and the bed has been made every day.  maybe tomorrow i'll tackle the bathroom with fury.

we're watching The Fifth Element right now.  hub likes it.  i'm knitting.  :)

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