Tuesday, January 23, 2007

weight watchers

(for those of you not already in the know...hee) in january 2006 i started going to weight watchers meetings and following the plan.  i was fairly successful and lost 40ish pounds by october.  my birthday pretty much derailed me though, and october through december (the birthday, thanksgiving, christmas ambush) i was not counting points.  i was pretty disappointed in my lack of discipline, but with great encouragement from friends and my conscience i've signed up for weight watchers again - this time for the online program.

when i signed back up i found that i had gained 8 pounds over the holiday season.  ick!  but perspective was great when i was told that most people gain 5 pounds over the holidays anyway - AND i had this great irrational fear that i had gained ALL of my weight back - so 8 felt very conquerable.

today was my second weigh in and in two weeks on plan i've lost 6.4 pounds!  i'm remembering why this weight loss thing is so much fun and that it's not as hard as my brain likes to tell me it is.  i CAN do this.

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