Wednesday, February 7, 2007


i've rejoined the club of the employed. and i'm tired today.
i've taken on a babysitting job for 20 hours a week - for a family that seems like it will be really great. but after getting to bed too late and getting up early this morning (like i used to) - and spending more than three hours with a precocious three year old, and then coming home and trying to get stuff done around the house despite my low energy level, and then finally giving up and trying to take a nap but couldn't because of daylight and a bladder that can't handle how much water weight watchers tells me to drink, and then driving back to beverly to pick up hub & hannah, and then back to gloucester, and then meeting with another family about more babysitting hours - and this mother seems a little CRAZY (a first-time mom from manhattan who goes running in the mornings and speaks to her kid in this awful baby voice - which sums it up perfectly for me), all i wanted tonight was comfort food.
so i had a tuna fish sandwich and it was phenomenal.
tomorrow i'm not going anywhere (thank the lord almighty) - and i'll be able to catch back up with my ambitious house cleaning schedule. friday morning - back to the three year old.
i am fully aware that i did not really have a rough day when compared to others, and even compared to myself, but i am overtired and i'm cranky. and i think i'm PMSing.
that's the lame-o update.
tomorrow i should be back to normal.

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