Friday, April 6, 2007

the dilly-o

so here's what's going on with me, in my favorite list format...

1. babysitting. my hours have been settled so that i'm getting 22 hours of work each week. 10 for a family in Hamilton, and 12 for a family in Rockport. I have a full Tuesday & Thursday off each week - which may or may not last. While babysitting/housekeeping is not my dream job - I am far happier than when I was working in the office.

2. knitting. SERIOUS knitting. as luck may have it, or fate, or the Lord Jesus, the family I'm working for in Rockport have a shop downtown and they specifically offered to sell up some knitted items for me, if that's something i'd like to do. HECK yes! i'm working on some baby things - sweaters & whatnot - all original designs, and i'm knitting as often as i can - trying not to wear my fingers and my love out. this is the sort of opportunity i quit my job for - to pursue what i really love to do - and it fell into my lap. i'm totally stoked. this family may also be able to hire me to do some part-time sewing for them closer towards the summer - so if i don't pick up more babysitting i hope to take full advantage of that. i'm very interested to see how all of this plays out.

3. less housework than before. with the increase of the knitting the house is less tidy than it was. in my head i'm constantly trying to justify the constant stitching as more important than the sink full of dishes, or the shower that is addicted to soap scum.

4. may is going to be a busy busy month. the first weekend is Paul's birthday. the second weekend our dear friend Sam is coming for a visit. the third weekend we're flying to FL for Paul's cousin's wedding.

5. podcasts. i've a renewed excitement for them. while knitting i'm finding more and more that the t.v. is just irritating. and haven't i seen everything already anyway? but i love all the NPR podcasts, and i'm listening to one called Coffee Break Spanish. it is super irritating to me that i don't know how to spell what i'm learning to say, but i'm not willing to pay $16/month for the "extra materials."

6. next weekend. my nephew Caleb is coming for the weekend. i'm SO excited. he's 7 and i want to be the cool aunt and i hope weekends and time with us are happily anticipated. i'm trying to decide what fun activities we should do - maybe i'll work up a list and he can pick what he wants. maybe we'll just sit around and play video games all weekend and eat junk food. isn't that what aunts and uncles are for? (i really hope my sister is reading this) :)

7. flowers. i think tomorrow i'm going to buy myself flowers. i've been wanting some.

8. that's all folks. i have to pee and the sound of music is on the tele. i have to work on a sleeve.


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  1. Hey! Longtime no... read... or something.

    Glad you are doing okay, babysitting is not easy - but at least you are happier :) And that is so cool about their shop! Perfect!

    I go through phases where podcasts don't interest me, then I get obsessed again. I guess it just depends on my mood - but I do get a lot more knitting done when I listen to them instead of watch tv!