Monday, May 7, 2007

the list lives

1. paul's birthday was saturday. despite his having to work most of the day - it turned out to be a fantastically happy spontaneous birthday.

2. i spent the last four hours making mother's day cards and listening to records we bought yesterday. i just listened to some old James Taylor. ah - happy music.

3. i'm sleepy.

4. we're having an actual party for paul's birthday this coming saturday. i'm going to make baklava!

5. friend sam is coming to visit - arriving thursday and staying until sunday. can't wait to see him.

6. the house is almost clean enough for a houseguest sam - just a few things remain to be tidied and i will wait until thursday for those.

7. i had an exceptionally positive monday. highlights: three-year-old claire happy & cooperative in the a.m.; sunny weather; six-month-old libby sleeping for two hours and then hannah & penelope coming over for a playdate; called my sister to chat on the way home; crafty time this evening.

8. tomorrow: miss penelope and i are hanging out. i'm crossing my fingers that i'll get a little extra sleep in the morning - stayed up too late last night and i'm paying for it.

9. i need to be taking more pictures more often.

10. i love my cats.