Saturday, June 9, 2007



paul had to work this morning so i decided to get in the car and drive around looking for yard sales - you never know when you'll find something cool.

i drove around for probably a couple hours - took 127 through manchester into beverly farms and then cut over towards Gordon and followed grapevine to dodge street into beverly. stopped at the bank to cash a check and got a muffin at great harvest bread company. splurged on a loaf of honey whole wheat bread, too. am anticipating yummy toast.

followed 1A through wenham and into hamilton. decided to visit a farmstand i had heard about on asbury street - greenmeadows farm. it was so good to visit. it's a certified organic place - and they have lots of vegetable plants ready to transplant into larger pots - i think i'm going to go back next weekend and get a few - tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers. they also have pigs and chickens and it smelled like being at home. also have a large selection of non-perishable organic food, and frozen stuff, and produce and honey. all sorts of things. this may become a regular visit on the weekends.

went back to 1A and stayed on it until it meets with 133 in ipswich and drove over through essex and got back on 128 headed north. took the third exit off the first rotary and drove the long way around the island, through lanesville, annisquam, pigeon cove and into rockport.
ended up at the shop in rockport around noon and stayed until close to 5.

(yard sale findings: a couple kids books, a picture frame that will come in handy for any future christmas gift swaps, a VHS tape of the movie "Annie" [only 50 cents for a serious childhood memory], and a pretty wooden box - i think i spent 10 dollars total)

came home for about an hour.

went over to chuck & hannah's to visit their cats for about 1/2 hour (C & H are away for a few days). started a load of laundry while i was there.

after paul finished work around noon he went out on a boat with friend jeff and others for jeff's bachelor afternoon (he's getting married next weekend). he was still there as of 7 so i decided to figure out dinner and my evening for myself so i went to the store.

called paul around 7:30 - he's going to have dinner with the boys.

menu for the evening:
frozen california pizza kitchen pizza
multigrain tostitos
newman's iced tea
toll house cookie dough for dessert. i may eat the dough, i may make cookies.

i've got five episodes of law & order: criminal intent on the tivo. i think i'll eat and have a marathon.

i should go get my pajamas on right now. really live it up.

i'm working at the shop from 11 to 5. maybe paul and i will have time together tomorrow night.