Tuesday, July 24, 2007

how it went...

update on my list from yesterday:

-i did some knitting, and anticipate doing some more as soon as i'm done my dinner
-i have not vacuumed the livingroom - that may get done before bed
-dishes are done
-the kitchen floor is SHINING (i imagine i'll be anal about sweeping and wet-jetting for the next few weeks)
-laundry is done, just one load to be folded and put away
-brownies are made and paul looooves them (and it made the house smell great)
-i read more harry potter - two chapters and i imagine more before bedtime
-i didn't sort the mail basket - that one will haunt me until i do it
-i didn't transplant the herbs - but i watered them!
-i didn't upload disney photos. maybe i'll do that right now.
-no letters written. but i thought about it!

not too bad. honestly if all i did today was the kitchen floor i would have been a happy camper.
hopefully thursday i'll be able to spend more time on knitting.

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