Monday, July 23, 2007

tomorrow, tomorrow - i love ya...

after a few months of regular work weeks, my schedule is back to what i had hoped for when i quit my job last december. i'm working MWF and I have T & Th off to do with what i want. hurrah!

here's what i'm hoping to do tomorrow:

-finish up some knitting stuffs - including blocking
-vacuum the livingroom
-SCRUB the kitchen floor - i'm talking about getting down on my hands and knees
-make brownies
-read more harry potter, half-blood prince
-sort through the basket of mail - it's where all the mail gets dumped
-maybe transplanting my baby herbs - here's the holdup - i HATE paying money for potting soil. seriously, i'm paying for dirt. this is hard for me to accept.
-upload pictures of our trip to disney this past may to flickr.
-write a couple letters. why do i have all this pretty stationery lying around if i never write any letters?

wish me luck!

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