Monday, July 30, 2007

the weekend, in summary

1. paul surprised me with the new HP book friday night and i finished it today during my lunch break. hope i don't give anything away that i shouldn't by saying i'm very pleased with the way J.K. finished up my favorite seven-book series.

2. friday night: pizza, beers, and learning to play euchre with the bartholomews. i had heard such great things about euchre from a few different people and all i'm left with is "did we miss something?" the only thing that made it remotely fun was the beers...not the game. company was great.

3. saturday: went to olde ipswich days with the barts. was a nice sunny excursion. spent only $5, avoided buying any books at the library book sale. only one book tempted me, i carried it around for a few minutes and then put it back.

4. also saturday: after olde ipswich days i took a nap for a couple hours (recovering from euchre night) and then when i woke up paul suggested we splurge and go see the simpsons movie. SO funny. SO worth it. SO nice to go to a movie that was only an hour and a half long. SO fun to be surrounded by some hardcore simpsons fans.

5. sunday: relaxing day mostly - puttered, worked on a sewing project for helen (sewing for $$ is the best), and then had girls night with my hannah. we went to see Dear Liar at Gloucester Stage Company which was a lovely enjoyable production. the story is about the letters between George Bernard Shaw and his lady friend Mrs. Patrick Campbell. after the play we went to The Franklin restaurant downtown for drinks, appetizer and dessert. it was really a good time - i don't think i realized that i was missing time with just-hannah. rather than with hannah-with-penelope-and-or-with-chucko-and-or-with-paul-and-me. it was good friend time. i hope we do it again soon.

6. today: finished HP - i cried. treated myself to Subway for lunch. totally worth it. say what you may about Subway - but i love their sandwiches. maybe i just love someone else making me a sandwich :) had a good time with miss libby in rockport this afternoon. relaxing evening - did the dishes anyway. then paul and i went out for ice cream cones - i couldn't finish mine and froze most of it (if nothing else, doing weight watchers definitely reduced my portion sizes) and then came back to play some mario party 7. i don't know why but i'm avoiding going to bed. right now we're smelling and seeing smoke outside so we called the police dept just to let them know - so they called the fire dept for us. they just called us so paul was talking to them and apparently they're sending a truck out to investigate. exciting times here in east gloucester.

nighty night.

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