Monday, July 23, 2007

what's going on...

a list - because that's what i write best.

1. we went to see Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix on Saturday night with Chuck & Hannah (our first outing with them without Penelope since she was born!) and i liked it okay but didn't love it. it felt very rushed and very abbreviated. there were parts i really liked and other parts i hated that they messed with.

2. paul went to a library book sale with me on Saturday morning and i bought eleven books for $13.50. does it get any better than that? i walked through the tables they had set up and judged all the books by their covers. it was fun.

3. yesterday i organized yarn stash & projects and needles and whatnot. i love doing that. it's good to take inventory of what i've got in progress. i have at least six or seven projects that just need buttons and/or blocking. and really - only a couple projects on needles that are still in the active knitting stage. my goal this week: spend at least an hour each day on "finishing" and no starting any new projects until the finishing is done.

4. another goal this week: minimal grocery shopping. last week i organized freezer & pantry and tossed very old things and took note of what we've got on hand. aside from buying bread & milk & cheese (i can't live without cheese!) and some produce i honestly think we have enough food for meals for a couple weeks, considering it's just the two of us and any meal we cook is usually enough for one night + a leftover night. just now while home for lunch i put together a BIG batch of mexican soup. we'll eat some, put some in the fridge for other lunches & dinners and put a few containers in the freezer. i love mexican soup and it's perfect on this rainy day.

5. i've been trying to keep an ongoing list of house projects that can be worked on when i have more than a few minutes. hopefully tomorrow i'll have time to tackle a couple. (on the list: kitchen cupboard organization, some plant transplanting, clothes purge...)

time to get ready to head out the door to spend the afternoon babysitting.

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