Tuesday, August 28, 2007

taking it all in stride...

pacing myself and breathing and and getting enough sleep is all contributing to a good week so far. also - living in the moment - rather than having all sorts of freakout anticipation about what needs to be done or the lack of free time - i'm loving that right this moment penelope is napping and i've been looking at crafty blogs and diet coke is the best thing ever. and this morning i loved the fact that i was being paid to sew. for goodness' sake - i'm being paid to be crafty.
tonight i'm going to love that we're hanging out with our best friends and completely ignore the fact that our house needs scrubbing.
tomorrow i'm going to love that it's the first day of school for one of the families that i babysit for and so i'll have two less kids in the AM than i usually do.
and i'll love the sunshine (high of 78).
and hopefully all this loving will generate a nicer less frantic spirit. remembering the big picture: i'm no longer spending 40 hours a week in a cubicle - but surrounded by curious and cute and lovey kids, and encouraged by my friends and hub, and by employers to pursue creativity and happiness - wherever that may be.
and does it really matter to my parents (coming to visit this weekend) that there are weirdo dust-bunnies behind the toilet?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

busy busy week.
and i'm pooped.

monday: babysitting all day, went on a date with hub, had someone over at the house after dinner for dessert & wine.

tuesday: started new part-time sewing job, did housework, had friends over for dinner and hangings out.

wednesday: babysitting jobs. tonight the only solid plan is going over finances (we do this every wednesday). this will probably be sad, but not all that taxing (hee - finances, taxing...). also need to attack some housework.

tomorrow: sewing job, housework that will inevitably not get done tonight, hanging out with some OTHER friends.

friday: babysitting jobs, more hangings out with some OTHER friends. we are definitely making the rounds this week.

saturday: paul working in morning, me working all day...1/2 babysitting, 1/2 sewing. no social plans for the evening as of yet, but i hope we can hang with the bartholomews at some point this weekend.

sunday: free mostly except baby Libby is getting christened at 10 a.m. and i should really go to that. and maybe some sewing work.

next week: babysitting every day + fitting in sewing where i can, probably evenings.

next weekend: mom & dad visiting.

holy crap. this is not my life.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a list

because i'm not really awake enough to form paragraphs.

1. went to CT over the weekend because paul's mom broke her leg. the weekend was mostly fine.

2. have a meeting this morning with someone about potential sewing work. i'm nervous about it. i get nervous about talking to people i don't know.

3. went out to dinner with hub last night. we figured we could manage money-wise so i got dressed up. as dressed up as i get. skirt and makeup. this doesn't happen very often. it was a nice dinner and a good time.

4. friend kirsten came over when we got home and we had dessert and wine. it was nice but i was POOPED so i wasn't great company.

5. hannah and penelope came over to play with me & libby in rockport when i babysat yesterday and that was really nice. we went for a nice long walk and it was good friend time.

6. i'm going to drink my coffee now.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i finally did some finishing

my mess

finishings up
a basket full of blocking that needs to be done - all the ends are woven - all the buttons are sewn on - it only took about four hours. eek. i need to be better about doing this stuff.

Monday, August 13, 2007

i love monday nights

after working friday, having a social busy saturday, and a social busy sunday, and then working today - i'm really really really looking forward to my tuesday. there's a little cleaning on my to-do list but then it's all about me-time with knitting and sewing and resting . hurrah!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

10:18, and allllll is welllll

i am seriously pining for autumn.
i literally fantasize about when i get to wear long sleeves and socks again.
when baking doesn't mean adding more heat to the already steamy apt, but it just means yummy smells.
when i can be curled up under a blanket while watching Anne of Green Gables and knitting and drinking hot cocoa.
and everything will feel right.
october is so far away.

on another note: hub is still sick. third day home and he's still not feeling any better. he's really miserable and it makes me feel so sad that i can't make him feel better. he's going to try to make a doctor's appt for tomorrow. he may try to go in for a half day of work.
i'm really hoping i don't catch this from him (but really, how can i not when in such close proximity all the time?). we really can't afford for me to miss work - but no one wants a sick babysitter hanging out with their kids. we're really fortunate that paul gets paid sick time at his job.

on another another note: tomorrow's another day off for me (hurrah!) and i have a sewing project to do for the shop in rockport. i'm going to try to crank it out and finish it tomorrow (should be a solid five or so hours of work) so i can turn it in and get paid on friday. we're really aching for some cash right now. gas & food - they're kind of important.
also (hopefully) happening tomorrow: more knitting, the finishing i still haven't done, photos of projects(?), house cleaning & laundry, podcast listening.

i'm really tired right now because paul's been up in the night and i wake up too. so i should probably go to bed. sometimes going to bed feels like surrender.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

tell me something good...

so this past weekend paul's family came up for a quick visit to our lovely Cape Ann.
his mom, Gramma, sister Beth, nephews Ricky & Aidan arrived around 12:30 on Saturday and were here until just about 12:30 on Sunday. while they were here we went on a harbor tour, went to the mall (ick), ate at legal seafoods, had dessert at their motel room, had them all to our house for a yummy waffle breakfast and then they all went to the beach. i didn't go to the beach. i pretty much hate the beach. so i stayed home and cleaned up after breakfast. they came back to the house briefly after the beach to have a snack and then went home to CT.

sunday afternoon paul and i had good quality time with each other. we played mario kart for quite a while and then we made peanut butter cookies together. it was really nice. oh - and it really helped my mood that the temperature sunday was at LEAST ten degrees cooler than saturday. so happy about that.

sunday night we got some hanging out time with chuck & hannah - it had been a whole week since we'd seen them which is highly unusual for us. it was a good time. they made a great dinner with recipes from a WW cookbook and we brought over some of our cookies to share with them.

after we got back from their place paul started being sneezy and said his throat was sore. :(

yesterday paul took a sick day and tried to nip this cold in the bud (is that really the saying? nip it in the bud? what the heck does that mean?) and i tried to help, but this morning he didn't feel any better so he was home again today. i don't think he's feeling much better now so he may be home again tomorrow.

i got up fairly early this morning and did a couple loads of laundry across the street right away because i thought it was supposed to get hot again today. then i washed some dishes (a lot more dishes when there are people in the house during the day), and did some general tidying. i worked on some knitting for a bit but hannah called around 10:30 and asked if i could come over and hang out with penelope so she could get some emergency house cleaning done (her brother is in town unexpectedly) so i got to play with penelope for a couple hours which was really quite fun. since i don't babysit her regularly anymore i don't get a whole lot of time with her and i miss it. she's such a beautiful and smart and fun baby. i got home around 1ish and made myself lunch and then my energy level just DROPPED. i didn't really feel like doing anything at all until around 5ish. i've since done some more knitting, more dishes, ate dinner. but i don't feel like, at this end of my day off, that i've got a whole lot to show for myself besides trying to take care of hub. i hate it when productivity is invisible. oh well. maybe thursday will be different.

Monday, August 6, 2007