Wednesday, August 8, 2007

10:18, and allllll is welllll

i am seriously pining for autumn.
i literally fantasize about when i get to wear long sleeves and socks again.
when baking doesn't mean adding more heat to the already steamy apt, but it just means yummy smells.
when i can be curled up under a blanket while watching Anne of Green Gables and knitting and drinking hot cocoa.
and everything will feel right.
october is so far away.

on another note: hub is still sick. third day home and he's still not feeling any better. he's really miserable and it makes me feel so sad that i can't make him feel better. he's going to try to make a doctor's appt for tomorrow. he may try to go in for a half day of work.
i'm really hoping i don't catch this from him (but really, how can i not when in such close proximity all the time?). we really can't afford for me to miss work - but no one wants a sick babysitter hanging out with their kids. we're really fortunate that paul gets paid sick time at his job.

on another another note: tomorrow's another day off for me (hurrah!) and i have a sewing project to do for the shop in rockport. i'm going to try to crank it out and finish it tomorrow (should be a solid five or so hours of work) so i can turn it in and get paid on friday. we're really aching for some cash right now. gas & food - they're kind of important.
also (hopefully) happening tomorrow: more knitting, the finishing i still haven't done, photos of projects(?), house cleaning & laundry, podcast listening.

i'm really tired right now because paul's been up in the night and i wake up too. so i should probably go to bed. sometimes going to bed feels like surrender.

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  1. I know what you mean, I am sooo done with summer!