Wednesday, August 22, 2007

busy busy week.
and i'm pooped.

monday: babysitting all day, went on a date with hub, had someone over at the house after dinner for dessert & wine.

tuesday: started new part-time sewing job, did housework, had friends over for dinner and hangings out.

wednesday: babysitting jobs. tonight the only solid plan is going over finances (we do this every wednesday). this will probably be sad, but not all that taxing (hee - finances, taxing...). also need to attack some housework.

tomorrow: sewing job, housework that will inevitably not get done tonight, hanging out with some OTHER friends.

friday: babysitting jobs, more hangings out with some OTHER friends. we are definitely making the rounds this week.

saturday: paul working in morning, me working all day...1/2 babysitting, 1/2 sewing. no social plans for the evening as of yet, but i hope we can hang with the bartholomews at some point this weekend.

sunday: free mostly except baby Libby is getting christened at 10 a.m. and i should really go to that. and maybe some sewing work.

next week: babysitting every day + fitting in sewing where i can, probably evenings.

next weekend: mom & dad visiting.

holy crap. this is not my life.

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