Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a list

because i'm not really awake enough to form paragraphs.

1. went to CT over the weekend because paul's mom broke her leg. the weekend was mostly fine.

2. have a meeting this morning with someone about potential sewing work. i'm nervous about it. i get nervous about talking to people i don't know.

3. went out to dinner with hub last night. we figured we could manage money-wise so i got dressed up. as dressed up as i get. skirt and makeup. this doesn't happen very often. it was a nice dinner and a good time.

4. friend kirsten came over when we got home and we had dessert and wine. it was nice but i was POOPED so i wasn't great company.

5. hannah and penelope came over to play with me & libby in rockport when i babysat yesterday and that was really nice. we went for a nice long walk and it was good friend time.

6. i'm going to drink my coffee now.

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