Tuesday, August 28, 2007

taking it all in stride...

pacing myself and breathing and and getting enough sleep is all contributing to a good week so far. also - living in the moment - rather than having all sorts of freakout anticipation about what needs to be done or the lack of free time - i'm loving that right this moment penelope is napping and i've been looking at crafty blogs and diet coke is the best thing ever. and this morning i loved the fact that i was being paid to sew. for goodness' sake - i'm being paid to be crafty.
tonight i'm going to love that we're hanging out with our best friends and completely ignore the fact that our house needs scrubbing.
tomorrow i'm going to love that it's the first day of school for one of the families that i babysit for and so i'll have two less kids in the AM than i usually do.
and i'll love the sunshine (high of 78).
and hopefully all this loving will generate a nicer less frantic spirit. remembering the big picture: i'm no longer spending 40 hours a week in a cubicle - but surrounded by curious and cute and lovey kids, and encouraged by my friends and hub, and by employers to pursue creativity and happiness - wherever that may be.
and does it really matter to my parents (coming to visit this weekend) that there are weirdo dust-bunnies behind the toilet?

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  1. high of 78 sounds SO good to me! I am literally melting into a puddle over here! luckily it is supposed to rain a little more... I cannot wait for winter this year!

    I'm sure your parents won't care about the toilet dust bunnies at all! :)