Monday, October 15, 2007


is there anything better than being asked by your husband to please make a list of things you might like to receive for your birthday?

Sunday, October 14, 2007


woke up at 7.
knit a bit.
took a shower.
put in BBC Pride & Prejudice.
knit a bit.
blowdried my hair & ate oatmeal for breakfast.
knit a bit.
was getting sleepy knitting - made some coffee.
drank coffee and pulled out my spinning wheel.
spun and kept watching P&P.
eventually changed P&P to disc 2.
kept spinning.
took a break to eat a banana.
more spinning & watching.
break to make lunch for friend oscar.
more spinning.
break to say goodbye to oscar (he's moving out of MA).
eat leftover pizza for lunch.
movie ends.
some more spinning.
go to freida's house with paul for a little cake & coffee.
back - more spinning.
break to make dinner for me, paul & chuck.
eat dinner.
more spinning - mostly plying.

it was an awesome day.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


so my birthday is in 11 days. awesome.

but i'm very completely much more looking forward just a couple days ahead to this weekend.

can anyone guess why?

i'm looking forward to NOTHING.

no travel. no work. no need to get dressed and be out the door by 8 a.m.
i'm open to social engagements over the weekend. but i'm also open to saying "no" to them.

i'm vury excited.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


is it crazy that i'm thinking about selling off all the yarn in my stash that i don't love? that way i can kind of start over and purchase more purposefully?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

blogging = procrastinating


camping trip
we went camping with our friends. we went up to mountain pond in the white mountain national forest and it was beyond-belief-beautiful. it reinforced my belief that i'm a mountain/lake person - not so much an ocean person.

camping trip
ben (a new friend), mariah, and aaron (aaron & mariah are married).

camping trip

i taught mariah to knit and she is SO good. she could do the long-tail cast on right away. knits, purls, switching back & forth, garter, stockinette...she's a natural.

camping trip
this is maggie, ben's dog. she's very extremely wonderful.

camping trip
the group photo: ben, me&paul, aaron&mariah. this is right before the long drive home.

overall - the trip was great. i didn't sleep so well, and i hate doing my "business" in the woods, but the company was really fantastic, and the setting was seriously idyllic.

we got back late sunday night and both paul and i decided to take monday off to recover - we were exhausted and it seemed like everything we owned smelled like a campfire. we spent most of the day watching/sleeping through movies in the bedroom. there was a bit of an accident where some coffee was spilled on my dear powerbook, and it seemed as though we would have to take it to the apple store, but now it's working again. we'll see if it lasts.

also - monday night we were almost in a car accident. it was pretty scary, and i'm fairly certain the lady who almost hit us was drunk. we were on a rotary here in town, and she almost hit us, then overcompensated in the other direction and hit a curb and then spun her car (a jeep cherokee) around a few times. if paul hadn't had such a great reaction time she would have spun right into us. after she stopped spinning she was facing the wrong direction in the rotary and we pulled over and paul got out of our car to walk over and see if she was alright. in the meantime she was trying to start her car up, and just as paul was approaching her car, she got it to start and just took off...FAST. so i totally got her license plate number and we called the cops to let them know what happened. they said they'd gotten another call about the same plate number so i hope they got her. i keep thinking about what didn't happen - and i'm so grateful that paul and i are okay. something like that seriously shifts your perspective - suddenly the fact that my laptop wasn't working didn't seem like a big deal at all.

pretty normal work week for both of us this week. we have our first official WW weigh in tonight so i'm a little anxious about that. we didn't count points while camping, but hopefully the hiking counteracted a bit of that.

this weekend coming up we're headed to connecticut for a quick visit.
then monday, the 8th, my sister and her family are coming down for a day visit. i'm very excited about that.

the following weekend i've scheduled a NOTHING weekend. i need to have some serious do-nothing time.

also - how much do i love this fall weather?