Sunday, October 14, 2007


woke up at 7.
knit a bit.
took a shower.
put in BBC Pride & Prejudice.
knit a bit.
blowdried my hair & ate oatmeal for breakfast.
knit a bit.
was getting sleepy knitting - made some coffee.
drank coffee and pulled out my spinning wheel.
spun and kept watching P&P.
eventually changed P&P to disc 2.
kept spinning.
took a break to eat a banana.
more spinning & watching.
break to make lunch for friend oscar.
more spinning.
break to say goodbye to oscar (he's moving out of MA).
eat leftover pizza for lunch.
movie ends.
some more spinning.
go to freida's house with paul for a little cake & coffee.
back - more spinning.
break to make dinner for me, paul & chuck.
eat dinner.
more spinning - mostly plying.

it was an awesome day.

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