Friday, November 23, 2007

our thanksgiving and a few things i'm thankful for...

it's our year to not travel, so we got to have thanksgiving with our chosen family this year.

wednesday we went over to chuck & hannah's and helped them clean house, and then do food prep for thursday. it was our job to do the turkey (an organic bird from whole foods) and appetizers. hannah & chuck took care of sides & dessert. we got a lot of work done on wednesday so thursday would be as relaxed as possible. we arrived around 2 p.m. and got home around 11:30 p.m.

thursday we woke up and came over here to have coffee around 9 a.m. the turkey went in the oven around 10 and we had lots of snacks/appetizers while everything was cooking. the meal was good, despite a few technical difficulties with the bird. hannah's sides are always great. after the meal hannah and penelope and i took a short walk to a playground and got some fresh air. later we ate apple pie and watched White Christmas. it was a really really good day.

today is leftovers day. we're here watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended versions) and eating leftovers and relaxing. i think we're going to make turkey soup with leftovers a little bit later.

i don't know if i can remember such a stress-less thanksgiving. i'm so thankful for my friends and my hubby and my kitties and comfort and warmth and sunshine.

pictures coming soon, i hope.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

my M.O.

(which means modus operandi, which is Latin, and therefore i am sounding smart)

  • went shopping with hannah today, all the way down route 1 to the square one mall, and then back up to trader joe's on 114. i don't love shopping, but i love me some hannah. :)

  • i've been doing a great big paperwork sort & purge and got a paper shredder (which i can't remember if i've already written about or not). i'm feeling so great that when/if paul says "i need the title for the car", i can say "i know right where that is!". i've also found a ton of manuals/warranties.

  • i had to rip back ten inches on my NaKniSweMo sweater today. that truly bit. i ripped back, got the stitches on the needles, and decided no more knitting today because i was just so frustrated by the mistake i made.

  • no more knitting meant: laundry getting done, dishes being washed, trash & recycling being ready for trash day tomorrow, the bed being made

  • after two weeks of NOT counting points and being the slightest bit naughty foodwise, i went to weigh in last wednesday and turns out i only gained 0.2 pounds, which honestly i don't consider a setback or a disappointment at all. i was totally stoked. i've committed to staying completely on plan this week before the big eating holiday on thursday. so far so good. after a 17-point breakfast out this morning (don't ask) i've still stayed within my daily points today. i've been eating really fantastic salads and i discovered salad spritzers which i'm IN LOVE WITH. seriously. i'm obsessed.

  • i've dropped one of my babysitting jobs. the money i was earning, minus the gas money i was spending, wasn't really working out that far in my favor. i'm certain i've made the right decision, my conscience tells me so.

  • (it was here my computer battery died so i had to cut off the writing...)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

getting s*&t done

i don't know what's gotten into me. i'm getting s*&t done.
i have:
-organized all my craft supplies - weeded out, consolidated, sorted, donated
-taken two bags of yarn to the local thrift store to donate
-sold a bunch of yarn on craigslist for cheap
-started a major paperwork sort & file projects and purchased a paper shredder
-pulled a bunch of books of our bookshelves that were just taking up space
-run three errands today: two banks & one trip to CVS
-reserved our turkey for thanksgiving at whole foods
-called nordic track about our irritatingly squeaky elliptical - they're sending a guy out
-bought a large piece of white posterboard so i can do a yarn/knitting photoshoot this weekend
-made a major employment decision which has led to peace of mind
-re-organized the closet in the diningroom, pulling out all the christmas stuff that will be needed in just a couple weeks
-organized all our gift wrap (we have more than i thought)

i'm really quite proud of myself. i hope this streak lasts a few more days. i still have quite a lot on my list!

Friday, November 2, 2007

hello blog

it's been a while.

first you were broken (i didn't have the cash to renew your domain, please don't take it personally).
then mr. lappy mclaptop seemed to be busted. a man who calls himself a genius figured out what the problem was today, but even though he did so, i wouldn't say he seemed bright enough to be genius material.
a couple thing have happened that i haven't talked about.
my birthday came and went and it was a good one. i wasn't sure that it would be - but it turned out really well - so well that i handed out hugs without feeling weird about it (i'm not generally a hugger...)
as a result of my birthday i now have a red iPod nano and i think she is so pretty. she cost a lot of money and i was anxious about whether she would be worth it - but she so is. i take her everywhere with me and as i write about her now i think i should have named her by now. i love her songs, her podcasts, and she has inspired in me a new love for klondike solitaire.
i've been spinning a lot lately, and i even did my first dyeing project with wilton icing dyes. it was really fun and i hope i can remember to post photos of it here tomorrow.
tomorrow is going to be a great big rainstorm - and i'm completely excited about that. i love me a good rainy day. we ordered pizza tonight and got a lot - just so we can eat it all weekend. (i should not be eating pizza, i know, but friday nights have cravings).
tomorrow night mr. paul and i are babysitting miss penelope and i think we're going to have a lot of fun. mr. chuck and mrs. hannah need to go on a date and we are happy to be of service in caring for their genuinely-genius daughter.
well - blog - we have rented guitar hero III and we are enjoying it greatly so i'm going to sign off for now.
i hope we talk tomorrow,