Wednesday, November 14, 2007

getting s*&t done

i don't know what's gotten into me. i'm getting s*&t done.
i have:
-organized all my craft supplies - weeded out, consolidated, sorted, donated
-taken two bags of yarn to the local thrift store to donate
-sold a bunch of yarn on craigslist for cheap
-started a major paperwork sort & file projects and purchased a paper shredder
-pulled a bunch of books of our bookshelves that were just taking up space
-run three errands today: two banks & one trip to CVS
-reserved our turkey for thanksgiving at whole foods
-called nordic track about our irritatingly squeaky elliptical - they're sending a guy out
-bought a large piece of white posterboard so i can do a yarn/knitting photoshoot this weekend
-made a major employment decision which has led to peace of mind
-re-organized the closet in the diningroom, pulling out all the christmas stuff that will be needed in just a couple weeks
-organized all our gift wrap (we have more than i thought)

i'm really quite proud of myself. i hope this streak lasts a few more days. i still have quite a lot on my list!

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