Tuesday, November 20, 2007

my M.O.

(which means modus operandi, which is Latin, and therefore i am sounding smart)

  • went shopping with hannah today, all the way down route 1 to the square one mall, and then back up to trader joe's on 114. i don't love shopping, but i love me some hannah. :)

  • i've been doing a great big paperwork sort & purge and got a paper shredder (which i can't remember if i've already written about or not). i'm feeling so great that when/if paul says "i need the title for the car", i can say "i know right where that is!". i've also found a ton of manuals/warranties.

  • i had to rip back ten inches on my NaKniSweMo sweater today. that truly bit. i ripped back, got the stitches on the needles, and decided no more knitting today because i was just so frustrated by the mistake i made.

  • no more knitting meant: laundry getting done, dishes being washed, trash & recycling being ready for trash day tomorrow, the bed being made

  • after two weeks of NOT counting points and being the slightest bit naughty foodwise, i went to weigh in last wednesday and turns out i only gained 0.2 pounds, which honestly i don't consider a setback or a disappointment at all. i was totally stoked. i've committed to staying completely on plan this week before the big eating holiday on thursday. so far so good. after a 17-point breakfast out this morning (don't ask) i've still stayed within my daily points today. i've been eating really fantastic salads and i discovered salad spritzers which i'm IN LOVE WITH. seriously. i'm obsessed.

  • i've dropped one of my babysitting jobs. the money i was earning, minus the gas money i was spending, wasn't really working out that far in my favor. i'm certain i've made the right decision, my conscience tells me so.

  • (it was here my computer battery died so i had to cut off the writing...)

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