Friday, November 23, 2007

our thanksgiving and a few things i'm thankful for...

it's our year to not travel, so we got to have thanksgiving with our chosen family this year.

wednesday we went over to chuck & hannah's and helped them clean house, and then do food prep for thursday. it was our job to do the turkey (an organic bird from whole foods) and appetizers. hannah & chuck took care of sides & dessert. we got a lot of work done on wednesday so thursday would be as relaxed as possible. we arrived around 2 p.m. and got home around 11:30 p.m.

thursday we woke up and came over here to have coffee around 9 a.m. the turkey went in the oven around 10 and we had lots of snacks/appetizers while everything was cooking. the meal was good, despite a few technical difficulties with the bird. hannah's sides are always great. after the meal hannah and penelope and i took a short walk to a playground and got some fresh air. later we ate apple pie and watched White Christmas. it was a really really good day.

today is leftovers day. we're here watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended versions) and eating leftovers and relaxing. i think we're going to make turkey soup with leftovers a little bit later.

i don't know if i can remember such a stress-less thanksgiving. i'm so thankful for my friends and my hubby and my kitties and comfort and warmth and sunshine.

pictures coming soon, i hope.

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