Thursday, December 13, 2007


i worked this morning and was supposed to work this afternoon.
in fact, i was at the shop in rockport for about an hour when hub called and said (he'd gone home early from work) the roads were terrible and i should come home ASAP.
got home around 2:30 and SNOW DAY!
i love the snow and this is our first real storm of the season. it's GORGEOUS. i love watching it come down and it's ever so pretty with our christmas tree lit up and hub on the couch with his slippers on and me with my jammies on already.
i just started bread in the breadmaker (plain ol' white today) - and i'm envisioning grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner later.
paul mentioned maybe watching Little Women today which would be great because i haven't watched it yet this year and it's the perfect day for it.
i need to do some hand sewing and knitting which is definitely good for t.v./movie time.
i'm extremely tempted to take a nap but i want to enjoy this unexpected time at home to the max - and i'm not sure a nap is an appropriate way to celebrate :)

gotta go get my chapstick.
hopefully snow pictures tomorrow. :)

Saturday, December 8, 2007


  • bought paul's christmas present. am very nearly broke for a few days.

  • saw very pretty snow-dusted trees. reminded me of something Bob Ross might have painted.

  • saw tiny songbirds taking a communal and seemingly frenetic bath in a puddle on the sidewalk.

  • christmas music on shuffle.

  • tidied the house up.

  • still need to vacuum.

  • will i have time to sew?

  • hot chocolate from dunkin donuts. mmmmm.

  • sunshine and blue skies. wet roads from melting ice & snow.

  • free jar of cinnamon sticks at stop & shop because i found a price discrepancy. score.

  • going to make wassail & cookies later.

  • chuck & hannah and p-nut coming over

  • the day revolves somewhat around something like this.