Saturday, December 8, 2007


  • bought paul's christmas present. am very nearly broke for a few days.

  • saw very pretty snow-dusted trees. reminded me of something Bob Ross might have painted.

  • saw tiny songbirds taking a communal and seemingly frenetic bath in a puddle on the sidewalk.

  • christmas music on shuffle.

  • tidied the house up.

  • still need to vacuum.

  • will i have time to sew?

  • hot chocolate from dunkin donuts. mmmmm.

  • sunshine and blue skies. wet roads from melting ice & snow.

  • free jar of cinnamon sticks at stop & shop because i found a price discrepancy. score.

  • going to make wassail & cookies later.

  • chuck & hannah and p-nut coming over

  • the day revolves somewhat around something like this.

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