Wednesday, April 2, 2008


back to blogging.
i haven't looked, but i think it's been since december??
well - there's no real excuse.
ebbs & flows of interest i suppose.

but here i am now, and what better reason to blog than not wanting to get up and take care of the things on the list (kitty litter, vacuuming, thank you notes).

so what's new with me. not so much really. hub and i have this way of plodding through our days with nothing seriously remarkable happening. i think we're both waiting for an opportunity to do something exciting. but exciting things seem to cost more money than we have.

number one item of interest: bff hannah is pregnant again and she and chuck are expecting baby #2 in september, same week sweet penelope was born, on hannah's birthday.

in knitting news: i'm avoiding finishing things. what else is new? i have a big basket of items started, or nearly finished, or somewhere in the middle. but this week i started and finished a pair of socks. that's new. i haven't knit a whole pair of socks in a couple of years. they're nothing super special - basic toe-up with 2x2 ribbing for the cuff. i just need to weave ends and they're offically completed. and just now i finished a swatch for another pair of socks. maybe socks will get me back on track to finishing things. i've been kind of uninspired lately, i think because my stash is dwindling, but so is cash so no new yarn for lisa. maybe in the next couple weeks.

in spinning news: no spinning. no excuses there.

in work news: i'm back to working two (sort of three) jobs. and i'm almost at 40 hours a week. so far i'm doing okay with keeping up with housework and other things. i hope i can keep that going. i feel really lucky because a lot of babysitting time is free time because the baby naps while i'm there - so i get to use that time for knitting or what ever else.

in day to day life news: got my oil changed this morning. they told me i have an oil leak somewhere, and to check my oil levels every couple of weeks. at this point (mileage is at 194,000) it's not really worth fixing.

(i think i'm a really boring blogger.)
i'll try to post pictures of something (anything) tomorrow.

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