Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

my new desktop wallpaper

Noro Silver Thaw Scarf

(Scarf knit with Noro Silver Thaw)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a meme

because i don't feel like taking a shower right this second

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

wanted ASAP: extra patience...less frustration

so what's up with my lack of patience lately? the smallest thing is enough to make me grit my teeth and fight back tears. suddenly i want to give up on something right away because it is immediately overwhelming and i can't handle it.
today's example: the sewing machine at work - i don't know what the diagnosis is, but the symptom is breaking thread. granted i haven't used this machine much, and i don't think i've ever been shown the proper way to put in a bobbin (it's totally backward from other machines i use on a regular basis), but even threading the needle makes me want to lose my mind and wrend my garments.
sunday's example: dropping stitches in my knitting. my knitter friends will understand how frustrating it is to drop a stitch and it runs down several rows in a LACE pattern. they will also understand how the frustration multiplies after taking the time to rip back a couple rows to catch said stitch, one manages to drop TWO sts just a few rows later. i don't know if i've ever felt like such a knitting idiot. and boy oh boy did i have a hissy fit. my poor husband had to talk me down. "honey - give me the knitting..."
i can't find the card reader for the camera's flash card and there are pictures i've been wanting to share. i've looked here & there for it for a few days now, and i've decided that instead of letting it frustrate me any further i'm going to RadioShack after work to buy a new one. if we find the other one, great. one will live with me in my tote, and one will live in the office at home.
i hate how slowly these summer days go for me. my favorite months just disappear but july & august drag on forever. i miss sleeves.

in other, less cranky and whiny news...i got a manicure & pedicure last friday evening. hub made plans with some friends to go out to a movie and i didn't feel like sitting at home alone, so i made a quick appointment and it was so worth it. then i went and bought the newest Anne Lamott book Grace (Eventually): Further Thoughts on Faith and started it while eating a salad at Panera. it was such a self-indulgent evening, i really enjoyed it. i don't often give myself permission to spend on myself, but it was fun for one day. okay - two days. i got a haircut on saturday (necessary). that was nice too, but the stylist was SO chatty and she put some seriously potent product in my hair. i don't know what it was but the smell didn't go away until two shampoos later.

anyway - that's the update. i hope my boss comes in soon and she can fix the sewing machine.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

cookies and rest


this heat and humidity really really really takes it me out me. i hate to be a complainer because this is one of those things i have absolutely zero control over - but geez. why does this kind of weather even exist? i'm so grateful for air conditioning. i would be a puddle of nothing without it.

today i went to work at 6:00 and was done by 10:00. the earlier i go, the cooler it is, in theory, and i get the one fan all to myself. i sewed five bags and was out of there. tuesdays and thursdays, in general, i get the rest of the day to myself after i sew in the morning. the alone time to do whatever keeps me sane. today all i had to do was figure out what dessert to make for dinner tonight and execute the plan. i decided to make homemade ice cream sandwiches, so i ran to the grocery store and got the ingredients and baked away. it was nice to take refuge in the AC in the bedroom while things were in the oven.

after the baking was done, and most of the cleaning finished, i had a considerably (necessarily) lazy day. i've been watching Ballykissangel through Netflix online. (We just signed up for Netflix this week and I'm completely obsessed). it's moderately enjoyable, something nice to have on in the background while i knit or nap.

so tonight we're having dinner with our friends/my employers Frank & Helen (and sweet Libby). i'm really excited about it because life has been seriously dramatic lately and i know we're going to have a nice peaceful enjoyable normal time with nice peaceful enjoyable people. also - how great someone else is cooking for us!! :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

work work work

so - Dec. 2006 i up and quit my job because i couldn't stand the cubicle life anymore. it was too mundane, and not creative enough.
i spent 8 hours a day here:

a year and a half later my work life is split three ways.


Helen Parker Textiles, Rockport, MA

Again & Again

now, one day is never the same as the one before, and i'm so privileged to be doing things that i love. sewing, creating, playing.

i'm still tired at the end of the day, maybe even more, but i don't miss my old office job at all.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


so the past few days i've been getting super hungry right at bedtime.
stomach growling drive me crazy hungry.
but it's bedtime, and i'm already tucked in and nearly asleep.
so i don't eat.
and then in the morning i wake up STARVING.
my eating habits haven't changed at all. what the heck? maybe the hot weather makes your body digest more quickly? argh.