Tuesday, July 15, 2008

wanted ASAP: extra patience...less frustration

so what's up with my lack of patience lately? the smallest thing is enough to make me grit my teeth and fight back tears. suddenly i want to give up on something right away because it is immediately overwhelming and i can't handle it.
today's example: the sewing machine at work - i don't know what the diagnosis is, but the symptom is breaking thread. granted i haven't used this machine much, and i don't think i've ever been shown the proper way to put in a bobbin (it's totally backward from other machines i use on a regular basis), but even threading the needle makes me want to lose my mind and wrend my garments.
sunday's example: dropping stitches in my knitting. my knitter friends will understand how frustrating it is to drop a stitch and it runs down several rows in a LACE pattern. they will also understand how the frustration multiplies after taking the time to rip back a couple rows to catch said stitch, one manages to drop TWO sts just a few rows later. i don't know if i've ever felt like such a knitting idiot. and boy oh boy did i have a hissy fit. my poor husband had to talk me down. "honey - give me the knitting..."
i can't find the card reader for the camera's flash card and there are pictures i've been wanting to share. i've looked here & there for it for a few days now, and i've decided that instead of letting it frustrate me any further i'm going to RadioShack after work to buy a new one. if we find the other one, great. one will live with me in my tote, and one will live in the office at home.
i hate how slowly these summer days go for me. my favorite months just disappear but july & august drag on forever. i miss sleeves.

in other, less cranky and whiny news...i got a manicure & pedicure last friday evening. hub made plans with some friends to go out to a movie and i didn't feel like sitting at home alone, so i made a quick appointment and it was so worth it. then i went and bought the newest Anne Lamott book Grace (Eventually): Further Thoughts on Faith and started it while eating a salad at Panera. it was such a self-indulgent evening, i really enjoyed it. i don't often give myself permission to spend on myself, but it was fun for one day. okay - two days. i got a haircut on saturday (necessary). that was nice too, but the stylist was SO chatty and she put some seriously potent product in my hair. i don't know what it was but the smell didn't go away until two shampoos later.

anyway - that's the update. i hope my boss comes in soon and she can fix the sewing machine.

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  1. How do you like the book? Can I borrow it when you are done?