Monday, August 4, 2008

+ my sister spontaneously came down for a visit saturday to sunday - i didn't know i needed sister time so badly
+ seeing a butterfly while driving around - it's like a quick reminder that not everything is mundane
+ driving on a road where the trees on either side meet in the middle above you - and the sun is shining perfectly, illuminating the happiest green arbor
+ making chili for dinner (because it was cheap and i knew it would last a couple days) and hubby really appreciating it
+ hearing Libby say "Lisa" but still call me "Ee-Aa" because that's how she rolls
+ playing with a new idea for a design
+ getting an email from a potential seller of my knitted goods
+ wearing new earrings
+ i totally ate a candy bar today - guilty indulgence
+ ordered a new cell phone last night - really hoping it works okay cause today i read "no returns accepted" - eek
+ The Wailin' Jennys make me so happy

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