Wednesday, September 10, 2008

several happy things...and it's not even noon yet

1. the chill of autumn has started to creep in...the start of my very favorite season fills me with anticipation...
2. convincing myself to relax a little - i've got a huge knitting order that i've got to fill by the end of next week, and i've been knitting like crazy, but my hands are sore and instead of freaking out because i have to slow down, i took the morning to do some finishing (i-cord, buttons, seams) and really enjoyed the break...
3. beautiful sky-blue skies and deep clear blue ocean...the horizon line being so distinct - it looks like that's where the ocean ends - just right there - sailboats, lobster boats, low tide, i love where we live.
4. freshly mown grass smell
5. no line at the bank to make a deposit - it's one of those days where the smallest things make me grateful - today i'm grateful to be making a deposit - to have a little extra money - that we can afford to pay our bills...we're very fortunate.
6. splurging on a yummy lunch at The Last Stop
7. plenty of time - i left early so i had plenty of time to drive the long way to work, to slow down to let the bicyclists turn, to let someone cross the street...i hate it when i'm rushed and i get crabby - not rushed today.
8. looking forward to the end of the day and hanging out with hubby - sure this happens most days - but today i'm specially happy about it.

i love this time of year.

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