Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i love lists

i'm not going to feel apologetic or guilty for blogging in the list-style because it's not the cool bloggy thing to do. i love lists and i'll list as much as i want. especially considering i'm pretty sure my sister is the only dedicated reader and i know she loves lists too. it quite runs in the family.

so today i'm listing while cleaning at work.
because you can only conquer so many piles before you need to step back and reassess.

1. i'm starting to really look forward to christmas. i wasn't feeling it for a while there and i thought maybe i'd unknowingly moved to the dark "too grown up for christmas warm fuzzies" side of life, but i think it's just delayed longer than it used to be because, let's face it, grey rainy 40-50 degree days don't feel like christmas. bundling up and shoveling snow and pink noses and ears and wrapping presents feels like christmas. but now that we've actually had a bit of snow (last weekend, it didn't stick around), and hub and i have purchased all our presents and the "need to wrap" pile on the dining room table is getting bigger, and my sister and i are emailing planny details back and forth, and it's only 7 days until we drive to maine, i'm getting christmas delirium.

2. i'm getting my hair cut this afternoon. i'm very excited about this. it's been a while. we're being very restrained (for us) in terms of christmas gifting this year - and so it fits in budget-wise. what i'm looking forward to most? taking a shower tomorrow morning and washing my shorter hair - i love that.

3. this week i'm filling a hat order i got at the show i did on dec. 5. the yarn came in on saturday and i hope to have the hats done and delivered sometime on saturday. i'm done 3 of 6. left to do: 12-18 month thick earflap hat with stripes, 3 1/2 year old thick earflap hat with fair isle snowflakes, 5 1/2 year old basic hat with fair isle snowflakes. i have this afternoon off and should be able to get #4 done easily while watching (for the second time) episodes of Ballykissangel on Netflix.

4. i also have other crafting (of the christmas variety) that needs to get done this week too, so it's nose to the grindstone (is that even how the saying goes? that sounds awful.) i keep telling myself it would be okay to spend some time christmas crafting now - and work on hats later - but my brain says THAT'S CRAZY - WHAT IF YOU RUN OUT OF TIME AND THE HATS DON'T GET DONE?!?! i'm listening to my brain. fill the order first, hope to have enough time for the gifty stuff after, clean the house MAYBE.

5. that's the other thing. we hired a very nice couple to clean our house every other wednesday and i can't even express how happy that makes me. they're AMAZING. if i can just keep the place tidy it's pretty ideal. they're coming tomorrow and we won't see them again until after christmas - and i'm trying to figure out what i should gift them for the holiday.

6. so january is going to be a light month for me. my job at Again & Again will be on pause for the entire month. my other jobs (nannying and working at Helen Parker Textiles in Rockport) will have a break from Jan. 15-25 when my "family" goes to Florida for their own vacation. i'm mostly happy about the break. mostly because i don't get paid time off, i don't usually splurge and give myself a free day. it'll be nice to have a month of not needing to be out the door by 8. it'll be nice to have time to follow whatever inspiration hits me. i hope to spend some time spinning for sure. the only bummer is much less income for that month. we've looked at the budget and we should be able to handle it just fine. but i think it'll mean much more dedicated meal planning and budget grocery shopping. and you never know when a car'll break down. let's cross our fingers, eh?

i think that's it for now. happy holidays!

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