Sunday, March 29, 2009


most of the time i do fine without friends. i'm a homebody to the extent that it's verging on hermitude...or hermitage. if i didn't need to leave the house for work or errands i wouldn't go out most days. i'm really very capable of entertaining myself here, what with the cats, the t.v., the internet, the knitting, the books, the cooking/baking, the cleaning.

i adore the friends i have. i admire them and encourage them quietly and hope wonderful things for their lives. but most of my friends are more like acquaintances these days, no longer local, and being in touch is not something i do very well. (sorry friends.)

but i have days where i really miss friends. i have vivid dreams about hometown friends and remember them so fondly and really long for that kind of closeness, the kind that only comes with knowing someone for 10 years through such formative years. i miss the laughing so hard that you have to catch your breath, the being silly with someone you trust your silly with, the being sad with someone who cares, the talking about somedays and also yesterdays. i miss friends who were here but now aren't, and i miss the dinners and the dropping bys and the going outs and the nothing at alls with them.

all this to say, we got together with some friends yesterday, and it was lovely and i found myself missing them even while sitting next to them. i don't know how it is that certain people take residence in your heart, and others don't, but the ones that do are really precious, aren't they? i forgot how nice it is to feel familiar. i was very aware that i was quiet, taking a lot more in than usual, maybe trying to store it all up for the days when i remember to feel lonely.

My creation

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

what's up - in list format...

1. i'm at the tea company again this morning while the cleaners are at the house. i'm knitting on a little hat, brought the book i'm reading, and my laptop. i've successfully gotten google reader down to '0' unread posts.

2. lately i've been working on knitting projects commissioned by Hannah Wilde of Hannah Wilde Photography. she wants a bunch of tiny little hats and various other things to use as photography props for her sessions with wee ones and we've worked out a barter for time and she's buying the yarn. it works out great for me. i have purposeful knitting to do and they're little projects so they're mostly very quick.

3. last night for dinner i made a pork roast and tried a new recipe as a side: barley bake. it was creamier than i thought it would be, and i think it was missing something flavor-wise, maybe something acidic or peppery?, but paul loved it and had seconds. (which i take as a compliment.). (asparagus was the veg.) tonight is leftovers, and tomorrow i'm making beef stroganoff in the crockpot. that's a recipe i haven't tried before too, so i'll let you know how it goes. i used to love my mom's beef stroganoff, and i hope this lives up to the craving memory.

4. i've been reading more than usual lately. since i finished college and got my B.A. in English Lit i've been struggling with reading. being an english major seemed to create all this guilt when it comes reading for pleasure. if it's not a classic, or if i can't analyze it and find some larger meaning, if it's not hard to read...then it's not worthwhile. but i'm trying really hard to get over that. i loved to read as a kid, i would devour books. and i think i've come to realize that all i really want is a story. it doesn't really have to be a good one, but that's all i want out of a book. i DON'T want to be a scholarly reader, i want to read for leisure and pleasure. a couple summers ago i bought a LARGE stack of books for cheap at a local library book sale and i'm working my way through that pile. last week i finished two books and i'm on a third now. i also signed up for and i've posted all the books i've read and don't really care to take up valuable bookshelf space for swap. i've already received two books in the mail, and mailed two books out myself. (i'll do anything for fun mail.)

5. we've got a date to meet friends at The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth on Saturday morning. so so many people have recommended this place to me as a breakfast lover and i'm looking forward to the food and the friends.

6. There is a Sensational India event at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem the weekend of April 4-5 and i'm really hoping we can make it. i love Indian food and dance and color! Would be fun to get lunch at Passage to India and then visit the Museum celebration.

Monday, March 23, 2009

What a busy few days it has been...

I will tell you first that I recovered from my weekend by spending yesterday from 2:30 to 6:30 mostly on the couch, with a mug full of Hershey's Kisses reading a book about a yarn shop and its customers. That's how badly I needed to chill. No computer, no knitting, no music, Paul wasn't home. Just me and my extreme comfort zone. It was lovely.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


+ sunshine
+ half day of work
+ open windows & fresh air
+ yummy healthy snacks this morning (cucumber & hummus, strawberries, pretzels)
+ a whole pile of projects ready to block
+ netflix
+ cooking a st. patrick's day dinner for my husband who loves corned beef & cabbage

- my cat is licking the windows & mirrors...which i'm sure is due to windex...but i'm not sure if it's TERRIBLE for him or just is not helping with this
- lots on the to do list today. errands and housework and phone calls. probably not much knitting will happen.
- hummus breath :)
- no interesting pictures to post...will try to remedy that soon. maybe a picture of dinner?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


so it's really not a big deal, at least it isn't right this second...
one of my part-time jobs is ending for a little while.
my boss had signed up to be a vendor at a major conference in St. Louis in April. so we had been working hard to get a good amount of inventory ready for her to take. (the shop is not open very much this time of year so the conference was the only reason i really had work right now...) she found on monday it was a total scam...i guess about 40 vendors paid $1200 each to participate in this event and it's not really happening at all. she's still getting emails from whoever's in charge as if it's still happening, she can't get anyone on the phone, but the conference center where it was supposed to happen says the event doesn't exist. YUCK. soooo...she doesn't really need me to make any more bags for her until she sells some. she thinks she'll have more for me to do early-may.

we'll have to sit down and really look at the numbers, but i think we can make it financially without me freaking out until then. it works out alright because i'm finished paying off a loan in about a week, so there will be less going out than there was. so it kind of balances out the less coming in. AND my other boss helen is due to have a baby in two weeks or so, and i think i can pick up a few extra hours helping them out if it turns out we're falling short.

the extra time will likely be used for me to build an inventory of my own...pieces ready to put in the shops when the shops need them...and stuff for later in the year, fall-ish time, so that i don't have to be panic knitting when we get back around to chilly weather. i also want to do some designing of some new pieces, which i always want to be doing but don't have the time to do.

so that's the news. i normally work wednesday mornings, and every other wednesday is when the cleaners come to the being the day. this morning i didn't need to work but i still had to get out of the house so i've been at the local tea company for the past couple hours drinking hot cocoa, knitting, watching twitter... i really can't complain, can i?

also, i want:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

bowl of booties

bowl of booties

booties ready to have labels sewn in, and tags tied on.
special thanks to the fruit who gave up their bowl for the purposes of this photo shoot

Monday, March 9, 2009

swiss chicken casserole

dinner tonight was another new recipe and this one definitely gets the thumbs up from me because i love me some comfort food. especially EASY to make comfort food.

swiss chicken casserole

i halved the recipe, and cut each breast into three strips each but other than that i followed the recipe exactly. (except for when i put it in the oven without covering it and realized it after 10 minutes.)

my original plan was to have some frozen veggies from Trader Joe's on the side, but we had leftover potatoes, onions, and peppers from last night instead.

i will definitely make this recipe again.

i found Gimlee napping on and amongst my stuffed animals yesterday. this was the only shot i could get before he got up and walked away. you can see poor Wickford (a sheep) is squished in the front, and in the rear (under Gimlee's rear) is Sam (a dog) who you can't see in this photo.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

bad blogger!

so they say it takes 21 days to make a habit, right?
well, i'd like to start forming two habits.
one - i'd love to start taking walks every day. without the pressure of exercise (yuck) but with the purpose of getting fresh air and loving my neighborhood. it's so easy to use knitting or housework or anything at all as an excuse to stay in, but that's silly and lazy.
two - i'd love to be back in the habit of blogging regularly. i love having a journal to look back at to see what's been going on. even if i just take ten minutes a day, post a photo or a list...i think i'll feel a little more centered by checking in with myself.

so what's going on? oh nothing really. we're finally getting some warm weather. it doesn't usually hit me this hard, but i'm really tired of the snow this year. we got 12 inches a week ago and i just didn't want to face it at all. i had to keep reminding myself that i wasn't the only person in the world who had to go out and shovel... (i'm such a big baby). the windows have been open the past couple days and the fresh air is just so super stimulating. i've gotten so much done!

i really have to go start dinner in about four minutes. i've been trying very hard to try new recipes...i have so many cooking magazines and cookbooks, and i HATE having the same meals in rotation over and over and over. tonight it's a recipe from everyday food from jan/feb 2007...roast beef with peppers, onions, and potatoes. (that's another thing - i need to expand our vegetables from just broccoli and asparagus). this recipe has a followup for what to do with the leftover beef later in the week. AWESOME. (beef and mango wraps scheduled for tuesday). i hope this recipe is good because the roast i bought cost almost $15. that's a chunk of the grocery budget. i love cooking in general, and there's something i really love about having a meal ready for hub when he gets home from work. domesticity!

knitting is good. mostly work projects going on right now. i'll try to post some photos later this week.

time to go cook!

p.s. i've decided Bollywood music is the best for cleaning house and getting stuff done!