Wednesday, March 11, 2009


so it's really not a big deal, at least it isn't right this second...
one of my part-time jobs is ending for a little while.
my boss had signed up to be a vendor at a major conference in St. Louis in April. so we had been working hard to get a good amount of inventory ready for her to take. (the shop is not open very much this time of year so the conference was the only reason i really had work right now...) she found on monday it was a total scam...i guess about 40 vendors paid $1200 each to participate in this event and it's not really happening at all. she's still getting emails from whoever's in charge as if it's still happening, she can't get anyone on the phone, but the conference center where it was supposed to happen says the event doesn't exist. YUCK. soooo...she doesn't really need me to make any more bags for her until she sells some. she thinks she'll have more for me to do early-may.

we'll have to sit down and really look at the numbers, but i think we can make it financially without me freaking out until then. it works out alright because i'm finished paying off a loan in about a week, so there will be less going out than there was. so it kind of balances out the less coming in. AND my other boss helen is due to have a baby in two weeks or so, and i think i can pick up a few extra hours helping them out if it turns out we're falling short.

the extra time will likely be used for me to build an inventory of my own...pieces ready to put in the shops when the shops need them...and stuff for later in the year, fall-ish time, so that i don't have to be panic knitting when we get back around to chilly weather. i also want to do some designing of some new pieces, which i always want to be doing but don't have the time to do.

so that's the news. i normally work wednesday mornings, and every other wednesday is when the cleaners come to the being the day. this morning i didn't need to work but i still had to get out of the house so i've been at the local tea company for the past couple hours drinking hot cocoa, knitting, watching twitter... i really can't complain, can i?

also, i want:

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