Sunday, March 29, 2009


most of the time i do fine without friends. i'm a homebody to the extent that it's verging on hermitude...or hermitage. if i didn't need to leave the house for work or errands i wouldn't go out most days. i'm really very capable of entertaining myself here, what with the cats, the t.v., the internet, the knitting, the books, the cooking/baking, the cleaning.

i adore the friends i have. i admire them and encourage them quietly and hope wonderful things for their lives. but most of my friends are more like acquaintances these days, no longer local, and being in touch is not something i do very well. (sorry friends.)

but i have days where i really miss friends. i have vivid dreams about hometown friends and remember them so fondly and really long for that kind of closeness, the kind that only comes with knowing someone for 10 years through such formative years. i miss the laughing so hard that you have to catch your breath, the being silly with someone you trust your silly with, the being sad with someone who cares, the talking about somedays and also yesterdays. i miss friends who were here but now aren't, and i miss the dinners and the dropping bys and the going outs and the nothing at alls with them.

all this to say, we got together with some friends yesterday, and it was lovely and i found myself missing them even while sitting next to them. i don't know how it is that certain people take residence in your heart, and others don't, but the ones that do are really precious, aren't they? i forgot how nice it is to feel familiar. i was very aware that i was quiet, taking a lot more in than usual, maybe trying to store it all up for the days when i remember to feel lonely.

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  1. Hi Lisa, Thanks for commenting on the Periodic Table of Knitting!

    I know how you feel about friends and hermitude. I'm in the same boat right now, because I live in France, isolated from friends and family. I don't have any French friends, and my being a freelance designer prevents any sort of interaction with the locals! :-) But it can be good, because my productivity level goes up! There's nothing wrong with hermitude at all; I think it's absolutely normal to step away from everything...

    Happy knitting!